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Windows 10 and odd VBA editor behavior

I recently purchased a new laptop, which also led to an update in operating system. I am now using Windows 10. My old machine has a display resolution of 1440*900 and I am working on an external moitor which is full-HD. My new machine's own display is full HD also, but it is much smaller than the monitor. Windows 10 detects screen size and resolution and tries to keep things readable by increasing the "size of text, apps and other items" to 125% on my laptop display. That mostly works out just fine, as Windows also automatically changes that scaling when I switch to my main display down to 100%. Except for Excel and the VBA Editor that is. The ribbon looks slightly out of focus for Excel:

and a number of things misbehave in the VBE, such as dragging the immediate pane (the drag indicator isn't in the same place as the mouse cursor). Especially the locals window looks awful:

see the awkward plusses to expand the tree? In reality the're hard to click.
Now how do you solve these issues?

  1. Find the program files folder with the Office .exe files. For me that is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
  2. Right-click excel.exe and select properties:
  3. Click the Compatibility tab and check the box "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
  4. Click OK
Now Excel (after restarting) looks like this:

A lot sharper (and bigger too) and the VBE locals window becomes:

As you can see the expander buttons still look odd, but since they are now larger, I can actually click them :-)

The Amsterdam Excel Summit

This is the last full week to register for our 2017 Amsterdam Excel Summit. Make sure you register now!

To spark your interest I have summarized the content we expect to offer below:

April 18th, 2017: Pre-conference day: The Excel Data Analysis And Reporting Masterclass, an entire day of in-depth training by die-hard Excel experts covering these subjects:
  • How to use streaming datasets in Power BI
  • Using Power Query for your ultimate data preparation
  • Designing your model for charts and dashboards. What does it take to prepare your data for charting
  • How do I piece together a good-looking dashboard
April 19, 2017: The Amsterdam Excel Summit. Featuring Excel MVPs from all over the world presenting in their core expertise areas. Also featuring: Product managers from the Microsoft Excel team.
Subjects include:
  • A keynote by Microsoft Excel Program manager Yigal Edery, bringing us up to speed on what's next for Excel
  • A total of eight sessions split over two tracks:
    1. The "Power BI" track, covering a variety of subjects all related to the Power tools of Excel:
      • Automate you data preparation using Power Query
      • Power Query versus Native Excel: the Battle
      • Creating dynamic financial statements using Power Pivot
      • Moving beyond Excel with Power BI
    2. The "Deep into Excel" track covering a wide range of subjects including things like:
      • What programming technology should I use to automate Excel?
      • How do I make sure my financial model is correct?
      • Using Bing Maps in Excel
  • A session by Microsoft Principal Designer Jakob Nielssen bringing us up to speed on the new JavaScript for Office extensibility model.

Register now, time is running out!

The event is very soon now, so there isn't much time left to register. Book your seats now!


The complete program can be found on our event site

Auditing of Formulas made easy

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Mission-critical Excel Model Crashes

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