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Now that the summer holidays are over and done with, it is time to get back to work. This month's newsletter is dedicated to tools that may make your (Excel) work easier!

Excel tools anyone should have in their toolbox

Authoring tools

These tools are about creating and editing your Excel files.

Name Manager: This is the industry standard tool for managing range names in Excel. It contains all features you would ever need to maintain the range names in your model. Name Manager is offered to you for free and was created by us in collaboration with Charles Williams of Over 250,000 downloads (and counting).

FlexFind: Excel allows you to search, Flexfind allows you to Find. Flexfind takes search and replace one step further and allows you to also search for any string in all of Excel's objects. About 70,000 downloads.

ASAP Utilities for Excel: A feature-packed utility, too many to even start listing here. Over 350,000 downloads.

Power Utility Pack: John Walkenbach's excellent set of power utilities. Unknown number of downloads.

Andrew's Excel Utilities: One of the most comprehensive sets of Excel productivity tools on the planet!

Peltier Tech Chart Utility: The best utility for creating custom charts in Excel.

Auditing and troubleshooting tools

The tools listed below are your first stop when you need to troubleshoot op optimise your model

RefTreeAnalyser: An excellent tool for anyone trying to fathom what ranges a formula in a cell is using. Also features: Finding circular references, timing calculations, reporting all formulas in your sheet, analysing unique formulas in a range. Free, unlimited trial version available. About 6,000 downloads.

FastExcel: The most comprehensive spreadsheet optimising tool I know of. If you have a slow model, this is the tool to get to find out where the bottlenecks are!

FindLink: The one and only tool to look for when you get the dreaded "This workbook contains links to other sources" message and have no idea where that link is lurking in your file.

VBA Tools

When editing and writing VBA, these tools are indispensable:

Code Cleaner: If your code starts behaving odd, it is time to cleanup!

MZTools: The best coding utility I know of and the first tool I install on any new machine.

Smart Indenter: Indenting your VBA code made easy.

Disclaimer and copyright

Please note that these tools are from various sources and that the disclaimers and copyright notices of their owners apply.

Events, courses

Excel VBA voor Financials 5th edition

This well received (Dutch) course will get a major overhaul and will be run again (5th time already!) on October 6th, 14th and 21st. Join us to learn all a financial needs to know to get started using VBA to automate tedious processes.

VBA course

I am repeating myself, I know, but we're still in the planning stages of an "Advanced Excel VBA" course.
However, we are slowly working out all your great feedback into a real course outline which will appear eventually! Keep a close eye on our site for more information.
Our survey to ask opinions on course content and whether or not you'd be interested in such a course is still available!

Auditing of Formulas made easy

Check out our RefTreeAnalyser
the ultimate Excel formula auditing tool.

Mission-critical Excel Model Crashes

Do you have mission-critical Excel files that cause problems? Consider our Excel File Remediation Utility

Nederlandse cursus: Excel VBA voor Financials

Kost uw maandrapportage u vele uren saai en repeterend werk? Dan is het de hoogste tijd voor onze cursus Excel VBA voor Financials!.
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