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ATA 年會 Annual Meeting

各位同鄉 :    
歲末的腳步已近, 入冬的氣息卻依然稀薄。 今年我們奧斯汀台灣同鄉會的年會, 詳情如下 :
New Year is around the corner and our annual ATA meeting is not far behind. Please mark your calendar for this important event.

Date/Time 時間 : 2017年12月2日 (週六)  6:30PM – 8:30PM
Place 地點 : Thomas Buffet  ( 9710 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753 ) 512-275-6698

Agenda 目的 :
1. 選出3位新理事 | Election of 3 new board members
2. 財務報告 | Annual finance report
3. 年度報告 | Annual event report
4. 繳納2017年年費, 每戶$25 (舊會員Renew、新會員入會) | Membership Drive $25/family

Dinner fee 餐費 : Members 會員- Adults 大人 $15, Children 小孩 $8 (Ages 3 - 9歲)。      
Non-members 非會員- Adult 大人 $25, Children 小孩 $15 (Ages 3 - 9歲)。
R.S.V.P. : 2017年11月 30日 (週四) by Thu, Nov. 30 with 前請洽 :     
葉雅鈴 Yea-ling (512) 680–0590    |    黃燕玲 Tiffany (512) 736-1148      
張    媺 Jenny (512) 452–8937    |    巢舒怡 Serena (512) 576-1153   
石牧民  Mu-min (512) 550-1776

Election Procedures 
針對此次新理事的選舉方式, 在2017年11月18日所召開的理事會議中, 通過下列數項的決定 :

  1. 以2017年通訊錄上的名單為準 (亦即最左側數字旁所列名字), 每戶夫妻各一張選票, 單身一張選票。

  2. 出席年會者才有選舉權, 不可代選 (EX:如先生未能出席, 當天出席年會的太太亦不許代選 ; 反之亦然 )。

  3. 新理事候選人的提名在2017年11月28日(週二)截止, 希望各位同鄉踴躍提名(須經被提名者同意), 在年會選舉當晚, 不再有當場提名。

  4. 本理事會僅接受E-MAIL或郵件之提名, 上述任何一位理事皆可受理(但不接受任何電話提名), 如於兩天內未接到任何確認通知電話, 請立刻聯絡該受理之理事。

  5. 未列名於2017, 因入會尚未滿一年, 故無投票權。

年會是本會重要的理事選舉, 本會謝絕任何未經本會審核通過的演講、介紹、宣傳, 甚至傳單分發。( 所有審核事件須在2017年11月28日前, 向本理事會提出。)

According to our board meeting that was held on Nov.18th, 2017, ATA board members made
several decisions for this year's new board members election:
1) Each family:    a) husband and wife have one vote each
                   b) single member has one vote.
Eligible voter - members whose names are listed on the left side (next to the membership number) of each page in the 2017 ATA directory.
2) No proxy voting allowed (Example: if one spouse is not attending the meeting, the other can only cast ONE vote.)
3) You may nominate one or more new board members (subject to nominees' consent) on or before Nov.28th, 2017 (Tuesday).  Please send your nomination in writing or by
email to any board member.  The Board of Directors will reply with confirmation upon receipt of your nomination.  If you do not receive the confirmation two days after submitting the nomination, please contact the board member to whom you send the nomination. NOMINATIONS MADE DURING THE ANNUAL MEETING ON Dec.2nd WILL NOT BE
4) The annual meeting is ATA's most important gathering where new board members are elected and reports are presented.  Distribution of handbills, speeches,
solicitation, loitering of non-members, introduction of uninvited guests, and presentation of written or printed materials are strictly prohibited unless written approval is obtained from the Board of Directors on or before Nov.28th,

奧斯汀台灣同鄉會 理事會

會長    葉  雅鈴 敬邀

Yea-Ling Yeh
Austin Taiwanese Association - President

Copyright © 2017 Austin Taiwanese Association, All rights reserved.

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