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Public policy and urbanisation: progress and shortfalls

Pakistan is urbanising rapidly, but without effective planning. This could have negative consequences for Pakistan's future urban-majority population, and cities risk becoming hotbeds of unrest. So what is the government doing about it? In a follow up to a previous article discussing Pakistan's urban challenges, International Growth Centre (IGC) Pakistan Country Director Ijaz Nabi and IGC Pakistan Country Economist Hina Shaikh overview government initiatives to address urban issues such as waste disposal, land management, public transport and education. They caution that while these initiatives sound like a step in the right direction, they remain unsupported by a comprehensive policy framework necessary for their success. 

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Does rewarding bureaucrats improve the public sector? What the latest research shows.

This brief rounds up the findings of multiple studies supported by the International Growth Centre that measure the effect of incentives on public sector performance. Incorporating research from Pakistan, it explores the differences between the public and private sectors, the effects of both financial and non-financial incentives, the recruitment of qualified and motivated staff and the risk of incentives backfiring.    

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