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PLEASE, Don't Ignore This Email (Please)!  It Is A Call To Action That Will Take Less Time Than It Has Taken You To Read This Sentence!!

One of the lessons musicians and artists quickly learn when they leave college is just how much non-musical work goes into producing a concert or exhibition.  While those performing tend to only need to focus on the music, those behind the scenes - the administrators, fundraisers, marketing team, interns, support staff, volunteers - are busy putting al the other pieces of the puzzle together.  

Things like finding a venue, finding musicians, finding sponsors, finding an audience, building an audience, building revenue, filing tax forms, working with the press, fundraising, friendraising, raising awareness about the arts (all the arts)... to name just a few.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Actually, it's that last one that I could REALLY use your help with for the next two minutes and twenty seconds.

I'm coining a new phrase, right here, right now...
"A Quick Click Campaign!!"

Make Your Voice Heard
Without Saying A Word

This week, it's my turn on the podium...

But it's your turn online.

As part of the CSO's music director search - or any search for that matter - today's orchestras want to see how well a candidate can engage and excite an audience from the stage, as well as mobilize an audience before and after the concert.  Heading into the final day of my cycle with the Columbus Symphony, I'd like to ask you for a small favor... but one that could REALLY help my chances of winning this job.

If you would, PLEASE take just 20 SECONDS to
QUICK CLICK each Facebook link below, and "Like" each page.  One for my "Andrew J Lyon, Conductor" page, and one for the Columbus Symphony's own page.  Boom!!  20 seconds... DONE!!


Seriously, folks... That's all.

With your help and 20 seconds - before you read the end of this paragraph - a simple "LIKE" of the CSO page, as well as my own "Musician's Page", will show the CSO selection committee that I have what it takes to help them reach new audiences, which, in turn, will help them... US get to the next level as an organization.

That can all start with my showing them that I have people who support my passion and support the arts, and are willing to help -  even with the smallest and simplest of gestures... a Facebook "LIKE".

As always, THANK YOU for your
conitnued support and friendship,



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Please & Thank You

1,000 Ain't Too Shabby

Over 800 people have been receiving "On The Road" since its launch.

That means if everyone who's reading this right now were to "LIKE" the Columbus Symphony's Facebook page, they'd hit 1,000 likes by tonight!!

Like me?  Great!  Like them!  

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AJL on Facebook
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