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On The Road is On The Air!


WFYI-90.1FM, Thursday, March 26, 8pm

One thing I've always loved about Indianapolis is its close-knit arts community.  A long-standing advocate for that community has been "The Art of the Matter" - a weekly radio show that features hosts Sharon Gamble and Travis DiNicola, and examines the cultural community from the perspective of who, what, when and where, while exploring the broader effects the arts have on Hoosiers' lives.

And tomorrow night, I'LL BE A FEATURED GUEST ON THE SHOW!!

The Most "Perfect" Tree Line
Remember in my last video, I told you about a very eye-catching, roadside tree line?  

Here it is!

In my ongoing exploration of Columbus' incredible architectural gems, I found a wonderfully-creative landscape design that takes commuters (passengers, not drivers) off the road momentarily, for an introspective "Wow, did I really just see that?" moment.

Easily overlooked by many, but absolutely worth a second pass for those who enjoy fun in and with nature.
WFYI has the most beautiful "Thank You gifts" for their guests.  Hmm, think they'll miss just one??
"The Art of the Matter" co-host Sharon Gamble and I smile for a quick pic after my interview, which hits the airways THIS Thursday night (3/26) at 8pm.
Back in July 2008, I arrived at the WFYI studios, just north of downtown Indianapolis, nervous about giving my first-ever on-air interview. Sharon showed me around the studio, then dove right into asking me about the genesis of the Circle City Chamber Group, and its inaugural event the following month.  Over the years since, Sharon and I have had a lot of great talks, on and off the air, about life in the arts, arts advancement in the city, and what the future holds for Indy's ever-growing arts scene.

"Andrew is always a delightful guest.
Anyone who has reservations about classical music should spend five minutes with him!"

- Sharon Gamble 
Art of the Matter
During my visit to the WFYI studios this time around, Sharon and I talk about the music I've chosen for the April 26 performance in Columbus, the overall message of the concert's program, and the moment I first decided to go into conducting.  As always, talking with Sharon is a welcomed treat. Never a dull moment and always good for a some great laughs.


Thursday, March 26, 8pm - Click here to listen online
Saturday, March 28, 7am - Click here for the rebroadcast    Monday, March 30 - Broadcast posted here as a podcast
You can hear it "old school" by setting your radio to 90.1FM for the Thursday and Saturday broadcasts.

Until then, have a wonderful week, and don't forget to take a moment - unless you're the one driving - to stop and take a closer look at this amazing world around us.

See you soon!

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