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As we move into Autumn (albeit in Los Angles very slowly) we can see change all around us, and we know we are nearing the end of the calendar year. What’s changing for you? Or what do you wish to see changed by year’s end? Is there something you have been longing to live differently at work or at home? Are you where you were a year ago, but hoped for something different by now? I’m a fan of visioning and vision boards, but this year I realized it was truly up to me to bring to life the things I really wanted to experience that were on my vision board…and off I went to experience Greece and England for the first time. They opened up worlds to me that I am so grateful for ~ surprises of experience, people, ideas and work I’m excited for. What actions are needed for you to have some of your most desired experiences to become realities?

I love the quote, above, by Anais Nin; I talk to many clients who are seeking to find ‘what they’re supposed to do with the rest of their life’. While I know they are seeking a path that provides a complete array of fulfillment, static life will most likely not be one of them! As human beings on this earth, we are subject to constant change. Just like the leaves are changing, everything about us is changing from moment to moment. If that stops, we aren’t alive. Period. 

How do you embrace change? 

Check the questions below to see what resonates for you, and see how you can work with change – wanted or unwanted – more effectively.

1) When faced with a change you haven’t asked for do you:

a) Try to find a way to avoid what’s being asked or required of you as long as possible?

b) Think of it as a new learning experience that can help you grow and adjust with it?

c) Consider the change, see if this is compatible with who you are, and decide whether to continue going forward, or determine to go in another direction all together?

d) Go with the flow and know that change happens 

If you tend towards a you may experience quite a bit of frustration as changes occur. If this resonates for you perhaps it’s time to seriously listen to your complaining mind to take action that will empower you in new and productive ways. Perhaps there are people who can be a resource to help you adjust at work, or who can be valuable networking ‘partners’ if you are looking for a new place to do what you love to do. 

If you tend towards b, and d are you learning what will support you in shifting with the changes that are occurring? Are you connecting with new and established contacts who can support you as you move forward with the new ‘order’? Are there new allies to connect with? New technologies to master? 

If you decide to opt out, as in c, and choose to head in a new direction, how will you know what you want? Take a look at what’s missing, or what’s been working, to know what your personal ‘have to haves’ are, and where you’re willing to compromise. Now’s the time for dreaming and taking those dreams seriously. Get busy making a plan that works for you, and put it into action.

Maybe you find you’ll do all of these, for a period of time. 

Living Change

As I move into the 2nd year of being an empty nester I'm choosing to forge a new, but also familiar path that I want to share with you.

In the coming months I will continue to work one-on-one with clients, but primarily from and in New York – We’re going Bi-Coastal! I have successfully been working with clients via Skype, FaceTime and phone with clients located all across the country, or internationally, for years. This has proven to be very effective. Brooke Loesby, my associate coach, continues to be in LA and will be available for one on one sessions and classes. (See below for details on an upcoming Myers Briggs class with Brooke). Look for new online class options coming soon!

And for those of you interested in mindful awareness…I have been invited to 
teach mindfulness in Greece at two stunning locations next summer. Stay tuned for more information! 

I always love to share resources. Here are few websites and a book I am loving:

How the Body Knows its Mind: The surprising power of the physical environment to influence the way you think and feel
by Sian Beilock – Fascinating and fun content about innovations in all areas of commerce and life. - from a Brooklyn based co-working space, up-to-date info about work, products and people.

May you be happy as you enter the cooler months of the year! Stay in touch and let me know how your changes are going.




Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Class

Daisy Swan & Associates is offering a special class featuring the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a tool for career transition and success. The MBTI is the most widely used research-based instrument of its kind, and is valuable for career planning, study strategy, interpersonal relationships, networking, interviewing and gaining insight into your unique style of ‘doing’ life.

In this two hour session with Brooke Loesby, you will receive your MBTI Career Report and learn many of the nuances of your MBTI type. The report highlights career paths that may work best for your type, utilizing your natural proclivities.  It will also shed light on the working environments and conditions that allow you to thrive.  We will discuss how your type affects the job search, and develop a job search strategy that makes the most of your unique characteristics.  You will also learn how to use the MBTI to best prepare for interviews so that you can successfully articulate your experiences and strengths. Learning in a group environment ensures that you will learn about a variety of MBTI types and styles, allowing you to glean more about how others think, behave and work…valuable information to know when we increasingly work in group settings.
 This class is offered
Monday, November 16th from 6-8pm
at Blankspaces in Santa Monica.  

You will receive a link to take the MBTI  in advance of the class, and the report will be given to you at the class along with other valuable resources.

To register, please click this link

$49 before November 6th, $65 thereafter. 
Daisy Swan, MA, CPCC, career expert, strategist, coach and counselor, has assisted hundreds of clients over the past 20+ years to make the professional and personal choices and transitions that change their lives for the better.
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