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Get Secure Before Your Customer's Data is Stolen

"Are you really able, as a small business, to protect that information from potential hackers? Just like with any potential threat, there are always practices you can implement that can shore up your security and reduce the risk of a data breach. Here are a few simple (and affordable) practices to start implementing today.” More

Hackers Are Now Stealing Your Face

"Facial Recognition makes sense as a method for your computer to recognize you. After all, humans already use a powerful version of it to tell each other apart. But people can be fooled (disguises! twins!), so it’s no surprise that even as computer vision evolves, new attacks will trick facial recognition systems, too.” More

Look Out! Cheap Hacking Tools Aimed at You

"In case you didn't know, Defcon is a slightly terrifying annual conference that attracts good and bad hackers alike to Las Vegas, where they can learn new skills and watch others explain how they hacked into everything from an air traffic control system to anything internet-connected. Learn some tools to watch out for!” More

Just One Photo Can Silently Hack Millions of Androids

"You’ll want to download the patch now because the hack can be delivered hidden inside an innocuous-looking photo in a social media or chat app. A victim wouldn’t even have to click on the evil photo: as soon as its data was parsed by the phone, it’d quietly let a remote hacker take over the device or simply brick it." More

Is the Internet World Spying on Your Kids?

"A mother in Houston, Texas woke up one morning to pretty much every parent’s worst-case scenario. “I happened to get a text from a friend of mine that said she saw a picture on Facebook and she thought it was a picture of our daughters’ room.” Unbeknownst to her, the stream had been online since at least July 27 and had been “liked” 571 times, according to ABC News." More

This is How Hackers Can Hijack Cell Phone Towers!

“You and I are afraid of somebody hacking our smartphones and stealing critical information, but what happens when hackers hijack a whole cellular network by hacking into cellphone towers? No, this is not an empty threat because, security researchers from the mobile security firm, Zimperium have discovered three serious security flaws in BTS stations which can allow potential hacker remotely hijack the entire cell phone tower.” More

Prilock’s Tip of the Month

Your Phone is Worth More Than You Realize

Small, portable valuable electronic items such as gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers can be attractive items to opportunistic thieves – but you can take steps to protect your property.

These items aren’t just valuable due to their cash value, but can also have information stored on them such as personal details and banking information.

Remember that if information of this nature falls into the wrong hands it can be used to commit further offences such as fraud or identity theft.

To prevent becoming a victim of theft with regard to computers, tablets and similar items, please consider the following crime prevention security tips found here.

Cool Software

SHAREit- Share with Devices Easily

These days, it is unlikely you are working from one device. You need to be able to sync and share files and data across multiple pieces of hardware. SHAREit allows you to do this- it lets you easily share files between Windows PCs and laptops, as well as Android phones and tablets, and iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

Find Out More Here

 Hacker's Tool of the Month

The Scary Truth About Rubber Ducky

What could you do if you only had a few seconds or minutes at someone’s computer? Turns out a lot, if you have a Rubber Ducky USB drive and it works on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android systems. With pre-loaded scripts you can steal and crack windows system passwords, grab Wifi or network credentials, upload malware, keystroke loggers or just about anything else a skilled hacker could do if he had access to your computer, but in only seconds. It was recently used on Mr. Robot for just that purpose.

Available for under $45 a Rubber Ducky mimics an HID, Human Interface Device, such as a computer keyboard or smartphone keyboard. They’re a popular tool of pentesters and hackers because they come loaded with, or have available, firmware updates such as other languages, hacking and sniffing tools, and built-in mass storage so you can save the information you want to steal all in one quick moment.

The primary use is to run pre-defined hacking scripts at extreme speeds. It has a very simple to learn scripting language that can allow the tester, or hacker, to pre-load the entire attack on the ducky. All they need is a running computer and access to the USB drive.

This is why everyone should remember to hit the windows and “L” key to lock your system when leaving your computer for even a second. The scripts can grab windows system passwords, Wifi credentials, logs, or specific files in seconds. Basically, while that contractor is bent over tying his shoe near the back of your computer, he can slip the ducky into an open USB and steal your password.

 Breaking News

Recent Breaches

Outer Banks Hospital: Two flash drives containing patient information from 2004-2016 went missing.

Steam: More than nine million keys used to redeem and activate games on the Steam, a popular games forum, have apparently been stolen by a hacker.

Eddie Bauer: Credit and debit cards used at 350+ North American stores during the first six months of 2016 may have been compromised.

Minecraft: The database includes records for 6,084,276 users that have signed up with

Bon Secours: Personal information of more than 650,000 Bon Secours patients was left exposed on the internet for four days.

Opera: 1.7 million Opera Synch users are affected.

Athens Orthopedic Clinic: Media reports indicated the records of more than 300,000 Athens Orthopedic Clinic patients have been compromised.

Kimpton: Kimpton Hotels confirmed that malware was found on payment terminals in over 60 of its hotels and restaurants, and that customers’ payment cards may have been compromised.

Scan: There were approximately 87,000 individuals affected. Of that number fewer than half are current SCAN members. Music service was hacked on March 22nd, 2012 for a total of 43,570,999 users.

Brazzers: Hacked in 2012 and openly accessible online now, the stolen data contains 790,724 unique email addresses along with usernames and passwords.

Idaho Fish and Game: Idaho Fish and Game today learned that personal information for license buyers who began purchasing hunting and fishing licenses and tags prior to 2008 was potentially accessed.

Cool Stuff

Prynt: Print Instant Photos from Your Phone

Print instant photos from your phone with magical hidden videos inside! Simply attach the Prynt Case to your phone, take a photo and then create a short video. Then, print it out!

When you hand your Prynt photo to a friend, they can use the Prynt app to unlock the hidden video clip, magically bringing your Prynt photo to life! Just plug in your phone, take a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds! Hold your phone over any Prynt and it starts to move — it will blow your friends' minds!


Must-Have App

Signal: Recommended to Politicians Now

In the aftermath of the DNC hack the staffers were instructed in the use of the popular instant messaging Signal App. Privacy is possible, Signal makes it easy.

Using Signal, you can communicate instantly and share media or attachments all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data

Get It for Apple / Get It for Android

This Month’s Top Scam Attacks to Look Out for

Louisiana Flood Disaster Scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released an alert on scams that cite the recent flood disaster in Louisiana. These charity scams take many forms, including emails containing links or attachments that direct users to phishing or malware-infected websites. Donation requests from fraudulent charitable organizations commonly appear after major natural disasters.

Check this Better Business Bureau (BBB) list for helping Louisiana flood victims before making any donations to this cause.

Scammers After Your Closing Costs

Hackers are breaking into the email accounts of home buyers and real estate agents to obtain information about upcoming real estate transactions, like settlements.

According to sources, the email from the hacker says there has been a last minute change to the wiring instructions and tells the buyer to wire closing costs to another account.

If the buyer follows the instructions, the money goes to an overseas account that belongs to the scammer, and the victim’s bank account could be cleaned out in a matter of minutes. And sadly, there’s no way to ever recover the money.

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