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I Have Free Credit Monitoring - I’m OK, Right? NOT!

“While ID Monitoring is one important level of security if you’ve been involved in a breach incident, just having it doesn’t mean you are safe… It just means you will be informed if someone tries to open an account using your social security number - well some accounts that is.” More

Top Five Back-To-School Online Safety Questions Every Parent Should Ask

“Online safety should be one of your biggest priorities as a parent -- not just at home, but school as well. Ask five important questions to ensure your child is safe at school." More

Android Phones Can Be Hacked with a Text

“A security research company has found what it's calling "the mother of all Android vulnerabilities" - a flaw in the popular mobile operating system that could give hackers access to millions of users' personal data.” More

Unpatched Mac OS X Zero-day Bug Allows Root Access without Password

“Hackers have their hands on something of your concern. A severe zero-day vulnerability in the latest, fully patched version of Apple's Mac OS X is reportedly being exploited in the wild by the hackers. The vulnerability could allow attackers to install malware and adware onto a target Mac, running OS X 10.10.” More

Attention Grandparents: Watch Out for Phony Debt Collectors

“A fake debt collector calls you. They want to collect on a debt your grandchild (supposedly) failed to pay. They ask you to wire money, send a prepaid card or give your credit card number – immediately. And if you won’t – or can’t – pay? That’s when the threats begin.” More

Prilock’s Tip of the Month

When is the last time you checked your credit report? Get free annual credit reports from each of the three major credit-reporting bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion—by going to Stagger your requests every four months from one bureau to the next.

Free Software


Dashlane is a free password manager and digital wallet. It is available on computers and Apple and Android phones. Find out more.

Things to Think About

  • Has a weird email come to your inbox that you weren’t expecting? Contact the sender separately if you have any doubts before opening it or clicking anything. It could be a scam!
  • Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly to catch possible fraud. The sooner you report it, the better.

 Breaking News

UCLA Health has suffered a data breach in which personal information, like names, address, date of birth, social security number, and more were accessed. This attack affects 4.5 million members. They are offering a year of Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Services.

Visit their official announcement for more information.

Cool Stuff


This web-connected camera with sensors lets you keep track of what’s happening at home when you’re not there. Its battery recharges over USB and when it sends the video to the cloud, it’s encrypted for maximum security.

Must-Have App


This free app is a live video-streaming app owned by Twitter. You can comment live or even go back and watch it if you miss it. Streams stay up for 24 hours before they are deleted. Available in Apple and Google Play stores.

This Month’s Top Phishing Attack Emails to Look Out for


This email will come from someone you know saying that there is a document waiting for you to view in Google Drive. When you click the link which is long and unintelligible, it will bring you to a site that looks like a Google login page. It asks for your email credentials which can be from any email host. If entered, the hacker now has your login credentials.


This scam will tell you that Verizon could not verify your current information and they need you to update it. This is to lure customers to a fraudulent web site to input personal information and/or download virus infected programs. Delete immediately and do not click anything. Verizon will never ask for personal or account information by email.

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