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Big Brother 2.0

"160,000 Facebook accounts are compromised per day, and the company loosens up your privacy settings every time they update the terms of service — not that they’ll tell you." More

Your Information has been Shared 5,398 Times in the Last 14 Days

"Do you realize how often your smart phone is sharing your location data with various companies? It is more than 5000 times in just two weeks. That is little Shocking but True!" More

CIA Has Been Hacking iPhone and iPad Encryption Security

"This custom version of Xcode could be used to spy on users, steal passwords, account information, intercept communications, and disable core security features of Apple devices." More

These Scammers are Targeting Your Elderly Parents

"Like younger folks, older Americans are increasingly using online dating sites, and those sites can open a window for scammers." More

5 Free Programs to Keep Your Kids Safe in 2015

“Block access to sites and programs, record keystrokes, get email alerts and more.” More

Prilock’s Tip of the Month

Check your privacy settings on all your social media accounts often. Privacy policies and default settings change a lot & you aren't always given an update when this happens.

Free Software

Hotspot Shield

Gives you a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your device from hackers when in public WiFi settings. Find out more.

Things to Think About

  • Do you have antivirus/security apps downloaded on your mobile devices?
  • How are you monitoring your children's internet usage?

 Breaking News

In response to their security breach, Premera Blue Cross is providing free credit monitoring. If you feel this may effect you, please visit for the latest news and next steps to take.

Cool Stuff

HTC announces Grip, its first wearable fitness tracker. More

Must-Have App

Lookout Security Software

Antivirus for your iPhone and Android. Allows backups, scans, remote find, wipe and erase protections. Available in the Google Play and Apple Stores.

This Month’s Top Phishing Attack Emails to Look Out for


Don’t click the link! It could be malware waiting to be downloaded by a click of your mouse. If you feel that this could be a legitimate email, type that address into your search bar to check the validity.


Don’t download the attachment! This one will make you think an email you sent came back to you. However, once you click that attachment, you will install a Cryptolocker.

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