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Top 5 Cyber Security Risks of 2015

"Hacking experts warn there are plenty more security risks ahead in 2015 as cyber criminals become more sophisticated. While "traditional" cybercrime such as internet password fraud will still be widespread in 2015, larger scale espionage attacks and hacking the Internet of Things (IoT) will also be risks." More

How a 7-year-old Girl Hacked Public WiFi Network in 10 Minutes

"Free WiFi at a public space is a welcome sign for millions of people everyday who want to get some work done, make a video call, or just catch up on a bit of online shopping. However, as results of a new experiment today prove, public Wi-Fi is so unsecure it can even be hacked by a seven-year-old child – and in just over ten minutes.” More

Centcom Hack: Military Tightens Password Security

"The hack attack that seized the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts on Monday has prompted the military to tighten its social media password security. Officials have launched an investigation into the alarming hack, which saw the accounts briefly carrying messages promoting the Islamic State." More

The Next Big Thing in Cybersecurity: Training

"With the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Senate Banking Committee all making cybersecurity a top priority in 2015, the financial industry seems to feel the crosshairs hackers have placed over them." More

Stop. Think. Connect. Older American Resources

"While the Internet allows us to stay connected, informed, and involved with family and friends, any public environment requires awareness and caution. Just as you use locks to keep criminals out of your home, you also need safeguards to secure your computer." More

Prilock’s Tip of the Month

File your taxes ASAP. Set up an e-filing account at whether you plan to file electronically or not. This will keep a hacker from filing using your information.

Free Software

Safelink McAfee

This program makes sure you’re not sending a virus to someone and also shortens those long URLs to make it easier to post online. Find out more.

Things to Think About

  • Are you using a password required screensaver? This will help ensure that no one can see your files when you leave your desk.
  • Do you turn your computer off at night? If hackers can’t see it, they can’t attack it!

 Breaking News

USPS Breach Update: Social Security numbers of U.S. Postal Service employees weren't the only data to be affected in September's cybersecurity breach at USPS. The agency is now saying that the medical records of as many as 485,000 employees might also have been accessed. More

Cool Stuff


A built-in thermometer that tells your smartphone the temperature of its surface via Bluetooth. The Pantelligent app then uses this info to tell you when to add your food to the pan, how long to leave it, and even when you need to flip it!

Must-Have App

Voice Record Pro

You can record sounds, voice memos and more in several file types and edit and add notes to your recordings, duplicate recordings, add bookmarks, add photos and merge sound files together. Available in the Apple Store.

This Month’s Top Phishing Attack Emails to Look Out for


According to this email, Visa has made an update and needs you to confirm your account by clicking the link provided. Don’t click it! If you feel this email might be legitimate, call Visa, or type in the site address into the search bar yourself and sign into your account.


This email will claim to have found an error in your billing information and ask you to click a link to update it. Once you do that, the hacker will have your credit card and personal info! Don’t click it.

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