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October 2019
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Community legal education

Volunteering with Vulnerable Clients (Australia), 2019 [webinar], Justice Connect, $30-$125 + booking fee
Does your organisation work with the elderly, children, people experiencing hardship or those in care? Are you providing a safe environment for everyone, both your volunteers and the vulnerable clients they interact with? Learn about the obligations and expectations of service providers assisting vulnerable clients. Presented by lawyer and trainer Kaela Hughes, this webinar will give you the knowledge you need to protect your team and clients. This webinar will take place on 15 October 2019 at 12.45-2pm. Register
Preparing for Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) (Australia), 2019 [Webinar], Women’s Legal Service NSW, free
Most people who want to resolve disputes about their children will be required to participate in Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). This webinar covers: what happens at the FDR session; the  intersection between FDR and ADVOs; parenting plans, section 60I certificates; and what happens to existing Parenting Orders. This webinar will take place on 17 October 2019 at 11-11.30am. Register
Auspicing for Not-for-profits (Australia), 2019 [webinar], Justice Connect, $30-$125 + booking fee
Auspicing can be a great way for community groups to access grants and funding, trial a new project or program, or hold a one-off event. Have you heard the term auspicing and want to know more about how it can help your group? Or are you in an auspicing arrangement already and want to learn more? Learn about the auspicing process and the key legal issues to consider. This webinar will take place on 29 October 2019 at 12.45-2pm. Register
Setting up WDOs - for people with addictive disorders (NSW), 2019 [webinar], Legal Aid NSW, free
This webinar is for WDO sponsors who work with people with addictive disorders and offer a range of WDO activities. This webinar will take place on 5 November 2019 at 11.30-12.30pm. Register
Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status - what it is and how to apply (Australia), 2019 [webinar], Justice Connect, $30-$125 + booking fee
Deductible gift recipient (DGR) status is highly sought after. When not-for-profits have DGR their donors are able to claim a tax deduction on the gift. DGR status may help not-for-profits access more donations, grants and fundraising proceeds. Laws in this area are complex and navigating the rules for obtaining and keeping DGR status can be tricky. Principal lawyer Anna Lyons break things down into simple terms. This webinar will take place on 12 November 2019 at 12.45-2pm. Register
Employment Law for Not-for-profits (Australia), 2019 [webinar], Justice Connect, $30-$125 + booking fee
A fast-moving workforce of a not-for-profit organisation can present a number of employment law challenges. Realities in the sector such as fixed term funding and evolving programs can mean staff come and go or change roles frequently. Learn about the key legal issues that arise when someone’s position changes or when the employment relationship comes to an end. This webinar will take place on 19 November 2019 at 12.45-2pm. Register
What are the implications of the High Court’s recent sperm donor ruling? (Australia), 2019 [Webinar], Women’s Legal Service
Barrister Michelle McMahon talks about a recent landmark decision that found that a man who donated his sperm was legally a parent. What implications does the ruling have on couples and single women whose children were conceived with a known sperm donor? Does the decision pave the way for a child to have more than two legal parents? This webinar will take place on 21 November 2019 at 11-11.30am. Register
Financial Reporting for Not-for-profits (Australia), 2019 [webinar], Justice Connect, $30-$125 + booking fee
The end of the year is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to make sure you understand your organisation’s obligations around keeping records and reporting on financial performance. Gain an overview of your obligations and useful tools and tips to help you manage your organisation’s financial reporting requirements. This webinar will take place on 26 November 2019 at 12.45-2pm. Register
Rest assured: a legal guide to wills, estates, planning ahead and funerals in NSW, 2019, [Book, online], State Library of NSW
The 6th edition of this popular book by Rosemary Long and Trudy Coffey is now available. It explains the legal processes when someone dies and provides practical information about making a will, obtaining probate, the duties of an executor and family provision. It explains the procedures when there is no will (intestacy) and the rights of family members. It also discusses powers of attorney, advanced care directives (living wills), funerals, burial and coroner's cases. The book is available in the Find Legal Answers Tool Kit at your local public library. 
Read online | Order copies (free for community legal organisations, limit of 2 copies)  
Purchase from the State Library shop ($22.00)
Guides to the law
Have you been charged with a domestic violence offence? (NSW), 2019 [Brochure], Legal Aid NSW
This brochure provides information for defendants who have been charged with a domestic violence offence, and what happens at court. Read online | Order copies
Download brochure Arabic | Chinese (sim) | Dari/Farsi | English
Is someone asking the court to make an AVO against you? Information for defendants (NSW), 2019 [Brochure], Legal Aid NSW
Courts can issue an order against you if another person claims you have been violent towards them. This brochure explains when the court can make an order and what happens next. Read online | Order copies
Download brochure Arabic | Chinese (sim) | Dari/Farsi | English

Have you been involuntarily admitted to a hospital? (NSW), 2019 [Pamphlet], Legal Aid NSW
This pamphlet provides information on your rights and where to get help if you have been involuntarily admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act 2007. It provides contact information for Legal Aid NSW mental health services and the Mental Health Advocacy Service.
Order copies | Read online | Download PDF


How can I bring my refugee family here (NSW), 2019 [Booklet], Legal Aid NSW
This booklet outlines in plain language the steps required to bring family members to Australia through the Australian Government’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program.
– Order copies
– Read online
– Download booklet Arabic | Assyrian | Dari/Farsi | English

Legal Aid NSW 2019 Catalogue now available

This catalogue of free Legal Aid NSW publications is designed for organisations who order and maintain stocks of their publications. Download PDF
Short Cuts - new mini podcast series from Legal Aid NSW
This new series of mini episodes on big topics is brought to you by the creators of Law for Community Workers on the go. Did you know there are several behaviours which are considered 'small offences' and CALD communities and newly arrived refugees can be at risk of committing them? Find out what these offences are and how to get help if your client has committed one in this interview by SBS reporter Audrey Bourget with Florence Montalvo Cruz and Nohara Odicho from Legal Aid NSW's specialist Refugee Service.
Stop the snowball effect – deal with legal problems early! (NSW), 2019, [Podcast], Legal Aid NSW
Help your clients recognise their legal problems and find out where you can refer them for help. You will hear from lawyer Kerry Wright about what the Law Check-Up tool is and how you can use it in your everyday work. Scott Fox, a community liaison officer, explains why and how he uses the Law Check-Up tool to help people.

What happens when your relationship ends (NSW), 2019 [Booklet], Legal Aid NSW
This family law booklet has been revised and updated and provides information about divorce, property, making arrangements for sharing children, and child support.
Order copies | Read online
Download booklet Arabic | English | Chinese | Dari/Farsi | Spanish | Vietnamese
Work and Development Orders – Can't pay your fines? (NSW), 2019 [Postcard], Legal Aid NSW
This postcard is for organisations and health practitioners that sponsor Work and Development Orders assisting clients to clear fines debt. It provides simple information about eligibility for a WDO. Order copies
Download postcard Arabic | Assyrian | Chinese (sim) | Dari/Farsi | English | Vietnamese

Your workplace rights during natural disasters and emergencies (NSW), 2019, [Factsheet], Legal Aid NSW
This is a fact sheet for all private sector employees in NSW to assist with what your options under the Fair Work Act are if you are injured, or if your home or workplace are affected by a natural disaster.
Order copies | Read online | Download PDF
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