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Dear Friends, 

I love making the world feel small. Last night on a work trip in San Francisco, I watched three of my friends fall for each other. It is easy to have dinner with one friend and dismiss the idea of putting together strangers. But I created a triple blind date and it was a joy to watch. Be open source about your contacts and your friendships, and watch the sparks fly!

Media On My Mind

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Sam’s Cents

On bodies and social lives

I sat next to two women at brunch last Sunday. They were close enough to our table that I could hear every word of their conversation. They were convinced that they are both single because of 10 pounds. 10 pounds. It took all of my strength not to offer my unsolicited advice. Any WORTHY man would prefer a confident 10 pound heavier woman enjoying food than a body obsessed woman 10 pounds thinner. In college I was 40 pounds heavier and I loved my body. When I met my husband I was 20 pounds heavier than I am now. When I had kids, I lost weight. None of this was a result of dieting. 

I have never been on a diet. These changes were my body’s natural reaction to life. You see, my parents had given me a gift. They never once told me I was anything less than beautiful, no matter my size. Heavy, small. They never said a word. And they showed me the joy of food. 

My greatest wish for my daughters is my greatest wish for all women: That we love our bodies at any size. That we spend time with people that make us feel beautiful. That we enjoy food, never diet, stop weighing ourselves and lead healthy lifestyles.❤️ 


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