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Dear Friends,

A year ago when I was on The Pie Life book tour, many women asked if I had considered creating a paper planner. That seed led to a journey to create my first consumer product, a motivational paper planner. In my twenties, I was the person who was obsessed with her Filofax and I have missed writing my plans on paper ever since the iPhone took over. So I sought to create the planner of my dreams and it is finally a reality! Order your planner here
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Forming a village requires an ongoing commitment, and it might be some time before you realize the full payback. When we first relocated to the West Coast, Mitch overheard some moms chatting at school about a group they were forming to meet monthly with a local parent educator. Knowing what it would mean from me to be part of a group of women that met regularly, he very pushily suggested they invite me. At the first meeting, I discovered that these women were all close friends already— they had known one another since their kids were infants in a “mommy and me” class. Although I felt like an outsider and was tempted not to return, I stuck with it; after several months, I finally felt like I belonged enough to share my own stories and issues. Years later, I can now say I love these women. So what if they didn’t know my kids before they could walk; we’ve got each others backs now and I feel so grateful to have them in my life.

The village you create is worth every bit of your time and energy. If you put in the work up front, you’ll find that your village will serve as a valuable resource for companionship, referrals and recommendations, favor swapping, and a thousand other things. Every slice of your pie will see improvement. When emergencies arise, the support provided by a village allows you to minimize the impact on your career. Meanwhile, with all the time you’ll save by having proper child and home care in place, you’ll be able to put that much more of yourself into other important slices of your pie, such as your health, your social life, and your community. 

You can do a lot on your own, but you can do so much more when you have people backing you up. Take care of your village, and your village will take care of you. 


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