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Yesterday on National Girls and Women in Sports Day, I had the opportunity to watch my daughter’s middle school basketball team in action. One of the things that always strikes me about watching athletes is their confidence. At an age when there can be an overemphasis on beauty, these kids are learning to see their bodies as sources of strength. Before we race to buy our little girls' tutus, we might want to consider soccer balls; It turns out that 94% of women in the C Suite played sports growing up and over half of them played at a university level. 


Why You Should Clean Your Phone
- Lifehacker
Adding this to my to-do list ASAP. 
One Bad Day May Send Workers on the Job Hunt
Human Resource Executive
81% reported that dissatisfaction with the work environment can make even a satisfied worker seek other opportunities.
Let Children Get Bored Again
"When not being uberparented, kids today are left to their own devices — their own digital devices."


I have always maintained that to reach your potential, you need to marry the right partner. And in case after case I have found this to be true. I remember hearing author Brené Brown speak at a conference and matter-of-factly state that when she wrote her last book, her husband “left town with the kids because I always go into this Jackson Pollock crazy thing where I am just writing in my researcher mode.” You have to wonder what that time would have been like had Brené’s husband not been there for her. He is a true partner and he gave his wife the space to make her magic.

Every woman I’ve met who is reaching her potential is either single or has a true, 50 percent partner. If you want the slices of your pie to work, your partner is the essential first ingredient. Without an active and engaged teammate, your pie will crumble. I have yet to meet a successful, coupled woman who feels energized in her life but whose partner doesn’t support her dreams by chipping in at home and beyond.
Living with an uninvolved or negative partner is far worse than having no partner at all. An unsupportive partner will deplete you of your energy, strength, and optimism. Conversely, closing the “domestic gap” leads to a happier union, because your resentment will give way to greater friendship and intimacy, which in turn makes your whole family happier.


I am looking forward to speaking about financial independence at Mom 2.0 Summit in Austin along with my friends Amy Nelson, Bobbi Rebell and Trae Bodge. If you have a story about women and financial independence, please share it with me via email.


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