You are not alone if summer barbecues, margaritas, beer and lazy days have left you carrying a few extra pounds.  Perhaps the “non-routine” of summer has gotten you off track in your fitness and lifestyle goals. Please don’t waste another minute thinking about the past; rather, start over today in thinking about your tomorrow and what you want for your body, mind and soul.  Recommit to those fitness and lifestyle goals that you know are optimal for your physical and mental well-being. Check out some quick tips below on how to get back on track. I want you to feel your best – inside and out.  By following these tips you will feel better.  You will love fitting into new fall fashions (instead of hiding under extra baggy sweaters – been there, done that!).  I want you to recommit not only for this fall and the rest of the year – but for the rest of your life.  

1. Eat.  Don’t skip a meal. Your body goes into fight or flight mode and holds onto fat when you skip meals. Pick healthy, clean fats and avoid sugar. Sugar is EVIL.
2. Mindful Movement.  Don’t triple up on workouts – this will lead to injury.  Don’t work out as a form of punishment for all that you ate and drank. If you view exercise as “penance,” you will inevitably give up on working out.  Exercise in a way that makes you feel good. Get your heart rate up, your muscles working and re balance yourself.
3. Avoid Packaged and Processed Foods.  Don’t eat sugar, refined carbohydrates or “fake,” manufactured foods. Rule of thumb -- don’t eat something if you can’t pronounce it! These kinds of foods inhibit good digestion and cause inflammation. Yuck!
4. Healthy Gut. Your gut is the foundation of your overall health. Supplements are a “dime a dozen.” I don’t have a stock list of recommended vitamins as I’d rather you focus on your nutrition.  Supplement use really depends on you and your diet and history; however, a quality probiotic is key. Get your gut flora aligned again with some healthy bacteria by taking a probiotic and adding fermented foods into your diet.
5. Limit Caffeine. Excessive caffeine raises your cortisol levels and slows down your thyroid. I lovemy morning cup of Joe but it is “one and done for me.”   Some days I skip coffee all together.  Limit yourself to one quality cup of coffee a day (organic, please) and let your body recalibrate itself. Maybe even go for green tea or herbal coffee.
6. Sleep! This one is critical and seems simple; but you need quality sleep. Shut off screens 1 hour before bed and get into unwind mode. Try sleeping and waking without an alarm on days off of work.

Finally, summer isn’t over yet so GET OUT AND ENJOY THE SUNSHINE.  Sunshine and Vitamin D, in conjunction with proper nutrition and adequate amounts of sleep, trigger the release of serotonin, the neurotransmitter called “the happiness compound” because it promotes a positive mental outlook. We certainly need more happy people around so go for it!

Muah! XO


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