Happier and Healthier Holidays

The holidays are here and many people are stressed out, getting sick, tired and simply struggling through the season rather then enjoying. I was recently a guest on the SmartMouths podcast where we discussed the subject of Holidays Stress and making your Holidays Happier and Healthier. Check out episode 36 at:

Holiday stress is self inflicted. The cooking, shopping, planning, hosting, ‘making memories’ are what we do to ourselves. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, savored and memories in the making but not the forced manufactured memories. Certainly, there is a level of expectation in our culture that can be overwhelming. It takes away from the true meaning of this special time of year. The holidays are a time for family, friends, gratitude, giving back and reflection on yourself, your year, your priorities and looking to the year ahead. There are stressors in our environment whether it be in our homes, families, work, and world. However, you are no good to anyone if you give in to the stressors that you have no control of and let them take over. Your peace is YOURS. Do not give it way. Especially this time of the year. 

Maintain your peace and handle stress during the holidays with these 5 simple strategies.  

SELF CARE...I tell clients to put their "oxygen mask" on first so that they can handle stress and be there for who and what is important to them. What I mean by “oxygen mask” is self care. Prioritize sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise, family time, friend time and work. Self care is not selfish as it allows us to be our best selves for our loved ones. Self care should be non negotiable. 

GIVE BACK... Getting lost in the commercialism pressure of trying to make it a perfect holiday? Get out and give back in your community to gain perspective. No matter where you live, there is always a need for people to volunteer their time and skills. When we volunteer our time, we step outside of ourselves and our own lives and it gives the best perspective. Give back, gain perspective and fill up. 

HYDRATION... Staying hydrated is key as too much celebrating – whether in the form of chocolate or champagne leads to weight gain, headaches, exhaustion and weakens our immune system. However it is possible to indulge during the holidays and avoid the nasty sugar hangovers that leave us dehydrated. Simply make it a point to drink enough water and alternate alcoholic beverages with water to help flush out any excess sugar. Our bodies are made up of between 60-75% water. On average men should drink about 13 cups and women about 9 cups of water each day. That varies due to your activity level, height, weight and if you are drinking alcohol or having very sugary or salty foods. 

MEDITATE... Breathing exercises and meditation are a must during this season. Stop the rush, maintain your peace and you will not only be clear but even more productive. Incorporate some simple quiet time just for yourself, whether it is in the morning before you start your day, maybe on a lunch break, a transition time between activities or before bed. Just make 10 - 20 minutes for you. 

SHIFT YOUR MINDSET... I want you not only to survive this Holiday but THRIVE this holiday so here are 3 simple mindset shifts that I want to leave you with. 

“I deserve a treat”
shifts to
“I deserve to feel and be my best”

“I don’t have time to exercise or sleep during the holidays”
shifts to
“I need to exercise and sleep to have energy and be productive especially during the holidays”

“The Commercial Holiday Season”
shifts to
“The Season to focus on Connections”

Let go of expectations, guilt, stress and be present my friends.
Make this Holiday Season Your Merriest! 

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Ready to savor and not stress this holiday season?  Listen in to SmartMouths episode 36 and make your holidays happier and healthier 

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