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It Is Time Friends

Time to shift your mindset friends from healthcare to "well care".  Take care of you now! It's a lot less expensive and pleasant then medical bills down the road. 

Our current healthcare system is more of a sickcare/disease management system in the US. Since the 1980s, health-care costs in this country have grown much faster than in other countries, rising to roughly $11,000 per person in 2015. That amounts to over $3 Trillion spent on health care, or 20% of our total economy.  Staggering.

We all have heard "you only have one life to live" but what do we do about it? Do you want to feel and be the best you can be? It doesn't happen just because you want it. You need to commit to it. Commit to yourself and go after it. Just like anything there is always an easy way out of things. Whether it be fast food, sleeping in and skipping a work out, zoning out with tv or video games rather then mediation, reflection and incorporating spirituality into your daily routine, thinking of all you want in life rather then taking time to be grateful for what you have. But, like the easy way out often proves, it is unrewarding, unproductive, and unsuccessful. 

For about as much as a coffee a day I can coach you in the areas of health, nutrition, fitness, sleep, spirituality and relationships. I will be your guide, your support and accountability and you WILL reach your goals. Together we will craft what works for your unique body and lifestyle best. Whether in person or conference call or FaceTime/Skype you can and WILL feel and be your best self. From pantry make overs to grocery food tours to one on one counseling. Healthy and delicious recipes and fitness and lifestyle tips that will make getting you to feel and look your best fresh and fun!

95% of all chronic diseases are caused by LIFESTYLE.  Lifestyle meaning stress levels, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy food choices, lack of time for relationships, lack of spirituality, in addition to nutritional deficiencies, toxins in our environment as well toxins in our consumer products. LIFESTYLE chronic diseases kill more people today then contagious diseases in the past. These LIFESTYLE chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung disease.

PAUSE and start taking care of you now. Healthcare shifts to WELLCARE. The time is now. You deserve it! 

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"You may delay but time will not."  Benjamin Franklin