Pure Perfection 


When you think of perfection do you see yourself? I think it is safe to say that 99.9% of people in this world do not. It is unfortunate though because you are. You are perfectly imperfect, a miracle of life with endless possibilities.  

This is not an easy mindset to maintain but imagine if you could? Imagine if you thought of yourself as perfectly imperfect? The choices you may make differently. What food would you choose to put into your body? How would you move? How would you push yourself and be motivated to achieve your fullest potential? How would you let others treat you? Most importantly, what thoughts would you would have and what you would tell yourself?  

It is the first week of February and already those packed parking lots and crowds at the gym that start after January 1st are thinning out and people are giving up on their new year resolutions. People are giving up because they don’t think perfection is within reach and they are not worth it. Perfection per our cultural and society images may be unreachable but I am telling you that you are already perfectly imperfect. So stop looking at society’s idea of perfection and start looking at your self and what you want for YOU. No one else. Start telling yourself that you are perfectly imperfect and don't let fear of imperfection stop you from striving for your own excellence. 
With yesterdays Super Bowl I thought this particular quote fitting. Each day is a new opportunity for each of us. Wake up and see yourself as perfectly imperfect and seek what you are missing and needing in your life. We see perfection in others around us quite easily. It is much more difficult to be open to seeing it in ourselves. This month, with Valentines Day approaching, love yourself enough to give your mind, body and soul the nourishment, support and accountability it needs to grow, evolve and push to be your own personal best. Let go of what holds you back from your own personal excellence in your big game of life. 

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