Spring Has Sprung

Spring certainly has sprung and while I am very thankful, schedules seem to have lost all sanity in our household but I am holding on to routines and time saving habits to ensure my health and my own sanity doesn’t pay the price. 

In addition to the longer hours of sunshine, warming temperatures and flowers and trees starting to bloom, I now have kids at an age where travel sports and town sports schedules burst open in spring with overlaps, cross overs, uniform changes and equipment overload.

It is so easy to get lost in the schedule or struggle with accepting it. Stressing about it certainly does not help and usually leads to other issues. The reality is that time is fleeting and I have realized to embrace it and enjoy the craziness, the dirt, the dust, icepacks and all. Even if it may snow on a baseball game one week in April and then be 85 the next. Learning to appreciate and roll with the changes is one of my favorite things I have learned from growing older and being a parent. I stop now (as corny as it sounds), to “smell the flowers” which I never did in the past.  

Here are some of my time saving tips and routines that I do to keep feeling not only fantastic and healthy in the spring but also sane. 

Spring Sanity Tips

  1. Keep or Start A Morning Ritual. My morning ritual happens to be a hydrating magical morning elixer with Bragg's apple cider vinegar and meditation before the rest of the house wakes. Make time for you first thing in the morning so you start the day feeling grateful and satisfied. 
  2. Plan Ahead Meals and Snacks. For some people this comes naturally as planners but for others this can be hard. The more planned out and organized, the smoother things run.
    1. Meal Prep 
      1. Pick out recipes for the week so your shopping can be done at once. Use a grocery delivery service or instacart to save yourself time. 
      2. Prep snacks like nuts, washed and cut up veggies and fruit into ready-to-go small containers. Or buy cut up if this fits your lifestyle better.
      3. Prep smoothies the night before by tossing everything into a blender. In the morning, just hit blend and consume. 
      4. Make quinoa and salads ahead of time so you can have sides with meals throughout the week.  
      5. Make double batches of meals so you can have leftovers at lunch. 
      6. Freeze some berries as a treat to eat alone or pop in your water bottle. 
  3. Get Your Work Out In. Whatever it may be and whatever exercise level you are at. Exercise helps with stress and actually makes you more productive. Take the time for you and make it happen. 
  4. Let Go! Let go of a perfectly clean house or a struggle to squeeze everything and everyone into your schedule and try to just live in the moment and for those moments. 
  5. Be Spontaneous. This is such a beautiful time of the year. Don’t let it pass you by without at least just once stopping what you are doing to get outside and enjoy some fresh air whether it is alone or time spent with family and friends. 
  6. Breathe In the Fresh Air and Sunshine Please! It will not only make you smile, it will benefit your health in so many ways including: 
  • Better digestion.
  • Improved blood pressure and heart rate. 
  • Strengthened immune system.
  • Cleaner lungs.
  • Improved metabolism. 
  • Better sleep. 
  • Promotes healthy eyes and bones. 
  • Elevated moods. 
  • Increased energy.
  • Reduced risk of vitamin D deficiency linked diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, certain cancers and depression. 

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Yours In Health & Wellness, 


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