Sweet Serotonin

Lets be honest, Monday is not a favorite for most. For many the build up of anxiety and negative thoughts actually start on Sunday in anticipation of Monday.  I used to do this to myself and would get all stressed out, wasting valuable time that I could have been savoring my weekend more and enjoying. Until I learned to change my own mindset to approach Mondays with a positive happy Monday mindset. It worked for me and it may for you too because of sweet serotonin. 

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that sends messages from one area of your brain to another and is referred to also as "the happiness compound” because it promotes a positive mental outlook. Increase your serotonin and you will raise your mood, better your sleep, increase your libido, help your memory and make healthier choices. Happier, rested, feeling sexy and healthy… Sounds pretty great right? Here are some ways to increase your serotonin so you can get there my friends: 

  • Light - Sunlight, even just day light on a cloudy day helps your brain produce more serotonin. Go for a walk for 10 + minutes a day or simply sit in the sunshine. Vitamin D works too. 
  • Sugar. Shut out the sugar please or at least cut back. Sugar only leads to crashes in moods, weight gain, and risk of illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. 
  • B Vitamins - B6 and B12 are particularly powerful in boosting serotonin in the brain. 
  • Positivity - Positive outlooks actually help to increase serotonin resulting in better mental and physical health. Be grateful. Filter out the negative in your life. Smile More. Focus on solutions rather then the problems in life. Use affirmations. You got this! 
  • Eat more protein. Tryptophan rich foods like eggs, cheese and lean meats. Load up on nuts and seeds. 
  • Get plenty of exercise. The endorphins produced by a good workout increase serotonin levels and will make you feel better! 
  • Meditate - It is time for you. Time to clear your mind. Time for you to find balance in your day and let your serotonin increase. 
  • Massage & Self Care. Touch is healing so treat yourself to reduce the stress hormone cortisol that blocks our brains from producing the right amount of serotonin. 

Let's all ditch that Monday angst and approach the day and week ahead with a "bring it" attitude. That sweet serotonin and I will have your back. 

Muah 💋😘

Yours in Health & Wellness, 
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