The older I get, I feel like my summers get shorter and shorter.  Maybe that is because the nice weather in Chicago is so fleeting; or maybe that is because I try and pack so much in with activities, social engagements, work etc.  Sound familiar?  

As July is already flying by, I want you to make a resolution to make the rest of your summer less stressful.  I want you to savor more.  I know that is “easier said than done” but, here are some ways you can effectively implement this important strategy. Are you with me???

1.    Filtering.  We all have heard the cliché “less is more”; but as simple as it sounds, it is the truth!!! By filtering, I am asking you to shift your mindset to search for quality.  As a result, you will not drown in quantity. This filtering applies to all of your activities, your eating, your relationships and, most importantly, your thoughts. If something does not serve you; if it does not make you happy or feel fulfilled; then, filter it out.  Don’t always feel like you have to do something; sometimes say “no.”  Often times (and I do this too), we scurry around afraid that are going to miss something; when, in reality, in the scurrying, we are probably missing more.  So, please, filter.

2.    Make a Summer Bucket List.  Be mindful here.  I am not asking you to generate a 2 page list; rather, I am asking you to be mindful in coming up with a list that is connected to your mind, heart and soul.  Target these bucket list activities in a realistic manner so that you and your family can be focused together in enjoying an activity (rather than running from one activity to the next).    Do not over commit or set unrealistic summer goals – because, if you do, one of two things will happen -- you and your family won’t enjoy the event, or worse, you won’t even have the opportunity to participate.  A good way to make this happen is to break down your summer bucket list into manageable, weekly segments.   Start by making your list for this week.  ☺

3.    Self-Care.  Don’t let the summer BBQ’s and street festivals stop you from feeling your best. Stay on a routine of eating well and make sure you are moving enough so that when you are at that BBQ, you can enjoy a little decadence.  As my readers know, I don’t believe in dieting because it leads to mood swings, weight fluctuations and that feeling of deprivation.  Dieting, almost always, lends itself to binging or “cheating.” Everything in moderation is the key. Remember to regularly eat a rainbow -- focus your plate 75% veggies and 25% meat, fish, dairy or grain.  Always, drink plenty of water. I cannot stress the water intake enough.  Implementing these healthy practices will let you and your families enjoy summer and all of the spontaneity and fun that it offers.

So do you want to get started? First, reflect on what in your life needs to be filtered. Then, start your summer bucket lists and discuss them with your partners, spouses, kids or best friends so that you can have focus. Finally, implement a self-care routine that you can do every day. 

A few things to remember:

1.    You may lose focus.  When this happens, stop yourself, breathe and meditate.  You will get that focus back.

2.    If you over indulge, that is fine! Life is short and is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Just get back to your healthy routine of self-care, fitness, nutrition and sleep and feel good about it. 

3.    Finally, take deep breaths, be present and don’t forget to SMILE :) 

By using my 3 strategies of filtering, making that bucket list and focusing on self-care, you can let go of unhealthy and unrealistic expectations and feel great about the summer and YOU! 


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