Pucker Up Its time for KISS, your “Keep It Simple Strategy” to getting it done! 

Spring is here even though the cool temperatures indicate otherwise. I love Spring because it is the time of new beginnings and new growth.  Just like a seedling starting to bloom, we should use this time to start anew with the goal of positive growth.  This is a good time to set the intention of living healthier, eating cleaner and exercising more – and it all starts with KISS. 

Participants in my Spring Fresh Start Series of workshops exhibit enthusiasm and positive energy along with an eagerness to change their lives once and for all; however, they also have questions like:  How and where do I start? Can I really do it this time? 

What are the answers to these questions?  It’s same answer each time.  Don’t think about it – just do it. It’s that simple.

Procrastination, overthinking and doubting yourself will lead to inaction and negativity.  You don't need to go on a major cleanse or feel deprived to start.  I promise there is a simpler way to get yourself on a healthier path. Just follow my Keep it Simple Strategy (KISS) 

KISS will help you on your own path to getting it done.

Step 1.    Drink Water.  

Drinking water flushes toxins out of your system. Simple enough, but do you know how much water you should be drinking? Your optimal water intake is based on your sex, body weight and activity level. See the helpful guide below.  

  • Start your day with 1 - 2 cups of warm lemon water to replenish what you lost while sleeping.  This will kick start your system and will enable you to get a jump on your daily intake. I add 1tbsp Bratt’s Apple Cider Vinegar to balance PH levels. Maybe add a pinch of cayenne pepper to boost your metabolism. Consider a pinch of cinnamon to regulate your blood sugar. Try pinch of turmeric for a super anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boost.
  • Continue drinking water throughout the day.  I carry a refillable bottle with me so I can keep my hydration level up while on-the-go.  Get yourself one and keep it in your car, purse, etc.

Step 2.  Target a 75% to 25% Ratio On Your Plate 

With each meal, aim to consume a ratio of 75% vegetables to 25% fruits, grains, dairy and meats.  Get your greens in the first thing in the morning so you don't get behind.  Greens in the morning?!  Yes – it’s simple.  You can have a green smoothie, a green juice, an omelet with spinach, avocado cucumber toast, etc. Click on my website link at the bottom of this newsletter for some great green recipes.  You want 9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day so start first thing and keep at it. Crowd out the bad stuff (with the good) and don't skip a meal. Never.

Eat a rainbow. Dark, leafy greens are essential; however in order to get the full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients, eat colorful vegetables and fruits.  Add fiber, raw nuts and seeds, whole (gluten-free) grains like brown rice, quinoa and millet along with beans, lentils and spices. 

I cannot stress the importance of this next point enough -- plan ahead!  Think about your meals and snacks for the week.  Then, head to the store with a thoughtful grocery list so that you can stock up on the ingredients.  That way, you only have to shop once – and more importantly, this will keep you from making bad choices when you are staring hungrily into the pantry.  Prep smoothies the night before by tossing everything into a blender. In the morning, just hit blend and consume. Easy.  Prep snacks like nuts, cut veggies, or fruit into ready-to-go small containers. Make quinoa and salads ahead of time so you can have sides with meals throughout the week.  Perhaps make double batches of meals so you can have leftovers at lunch. Do whatever works best for you and your family so that you have good, clean choices at your fingertips. 

Step 3.  Breathe 

Is she really telling me to breathe?  Yes, I am.  This sounds so simple; but, taking time to breathe (the right way) is essential to the plan.  Breathe deeply with gratitude to circulate fresh oxygen throughout your body.  Not only are you improving your circulation and helping your adrenal glands, but thoughtful, conscious breathing will enable you to calm your mind.  Make conscious breathing a part of your daily routine -- morning, noon and night. Take a few minutes of solitude to sit still and deeply breathe in and out.  I like to count to 6 as I take in each breath and count to 7 as I push each breath out.

OK – so are you with me?  Don't wait another day. Your Spring Fresh Starts now. 

Get it? Got it? Good.  Now go for it!

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You don't have to go it alone. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Cheers to You! 



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