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Dear Brandon:

On Friday, June 24th, the Kansas Legislature passed what is likely to be an adequate fix to our state’s school funding problem. Credit goes to the whole legislature for stepping up to do the right thing and fund our schools. It was a near thing, however. Extremist Republicans like my opponent almost pushed through a plan of their own that would have cut 0.5% from every school district in Kansas, despite Melcher saying he wouldn’t support a plan that cut Blue Valley schools. Moderate Republicans and Democrats in the legislature came together to support a separate plan that cut no funding from schools. Clearly, a willingness to listen to all ideas and engage with legislators of opposing beliefs is needed in Topeka, as I’ve said from the start. Read about the special session here.

In the meantime, excitement about my campaign is hitting a fever pitch! I received three more mentions in the Kansas City Star, urging voters to reject Governor Sam Brownback by supporting my campaign over Jeff Melcher’s failed policies. Read them here. My yard signs are sprouting up all over the district, and we’ve knocked on over 6500 doors to date! None of this would be possible without your support! I’m overwhelmed by the generosity and passion of those who live in my district.

In order for my message to be heard in Topeka, I need you to get out and VOTE on August 2nd or before by mail ballot – reply to this email and I will send you a form to vote at home, or click here if you would rather print your own! Follow my campaign for updates by “liking” my Facebook page, “following” me on Twitter @JohnSkubal, or reading my website,   

Please do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter if you have comments, want to volunteer to make phone calls to your neighbors, or canvass your neighborhood. Click here to help me meet voters at their doors. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work to restore Kansas Common Sense to Topeka this August!

Upcoming Events

7/7/16 Meet and Greet at the Joyner Home
7/9/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
7/10/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
7/12/16 Johnson County Public Policy Council Candidate Forum vs. Jeff Melcher
7/12/16 Leawood Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
7/12/16 Meet and Greet at the Steinwart Home
7/13/16 Ice Cream Social at Village Shalom Retirement Community
7/13/16 Advance Ballots Sent Out by Mail! Get yours here.
7/16/16 “Skubal for Senate” Listening Session at Corner Bakery on 135th
7/16/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
7/17/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
7/23/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
7/24/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
7/30/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
7/31/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
8/2/16 Kansas Primary Election – VOTE FOR JOHN SKUBAL
Find your polling location.

6/24/16 Ice Cream Social at Grand Court Assisted Living
The care of our state’s seniors is of the utmost importance. Jan Kessinger, Joy Koesten and I decided to take some time to meet with seniors at Grand Court Assisted Living in Overland Park. We want to make sure they know our views and are adequately informed on the issues facing our state. It was a blast.

3-term Overland Park Councilman John Skubal

Business Development Officer,
Kaw Valley Engineering
24-years, JCCC Director of Campus Services
2-years, KCK Public School Teacher

Stand Up Blue Valley
(Parent Organization)

KS National Education Association PAC
(Teachers Association)

Senate District 11 Resources:

6/25/16 “Eagle Excitement” Walking Party with Jan Kessinger
Again, Jan Kessinger, our volunteers, and myself tackled an entire precinct in a single day! No precinct is too big for us. Change only comes through hard work, and we’ve been working as hard as we can to EARN your vote. Jan and I will wake up on August 3rd knowing we gave it our all. “One more cul-de-sac” is our motto, and we will be coming to your door in the remaining month before the Republican primary.

6/29/16 Endorsed by the Kansas Mainstream Coalition
For anyone who is not aware of the efforts of the Mainstream Coalition, they are a Political Action Committee who strive to foster bipartisanship in all levels of government. I was proud to receive their endorsement. I’ve said it many times; I don’t care what your political leanings are. I will work with you if you have good ideas. All political parties have good ideas. Through compromise, we will restore Kansas Common Sense back to Topeka!
6/26/16 Yard Sign Delivery Day
Nearly three hundred yard signs have been delivered to my supporters in Overland Park and Leawood to date. Larger ones are going up near all the major thoroughfares. We’ll continue to bring our message in all forms; door knocking, online communications, public appearances, and yard signs! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us deliver to every precinct in the district!
6/29/16 League of Women Voters of Johnson County Meet and Greet
The CAPS building in Overland Park stands as a testament to the greatness of our public schools in Johnson County. It’s fitting, because the CAPS building also played host to a group of great candidates who all spoke passionately about defending public education, fixing our state’s budget, and a variety of issues important to us that the Governor and our opponents don’t care enough about. They didn’t even care enough to show up…again!  Thank you to the League of Women Voters of Johnson County for hosting this forum.
7/3/16 “Brookwood Bustle” Walking Party
Jan Kessinger and I continued our streak by knocking out an entire precinct in one day! We had help from some great volunteers, including an old coworker of mine from JCCC, Dave Krug. Dave is going to continue knocking for us down in south Overland Park. Mr. Melcher, your map is getting smaller and smaller.  I also had the special pleasure of having my granddaughter Katie come walk with us! The reason I’m running is to leave her a state she can be proud of. 6,500 doors and counting.
7/5/16 Walk Party with Patty Markley
Patty Markley and I finished up walking a precinct by knocking on 200 doors in one night! Those 200 doors felt like it was 200 degrees, but that didn’t stop us! Patty is another moderate candidate who wants to enact great changes to Topeka. If you live in her district, please research her positions on her website,
7/4/16 Overland Park “Star Spangled Spectacular”
I took some time to pass out some giveaways with my campaign logo on them to the attendees of the Overland Park “Star Spangled Spectacular” fireworks show. Jan’s koozies and my sunscreen packets went over very well! I also always take time to say hello and thank you to the Overland Park Police Department for keeping us safe.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you in Topeka.

Councilman John Skubal
Candidate, Kansas Senate District 11
Serving Overland Park and Leawood
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