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Dear Friend:

With the election less than two weeks away it seems like a good time to reflect on WHAT I’ve been doing and WHY I’ve been doing it. Time really does fly. It’s been seven months since I filed to run to be the Representative for Kansas House District 28. And, I couldn’t be more convinced that the August 2nd election must be a turning point for us in Kansas.
According to the Kansas Economic Progress Council, the state’s ongoing budget crisis seems “to get worse monthly.” Here is the list posted in the KEPC Update of July 18th (these are direct quotes from that report).
  • Because May and June revenues were short of predictions (again), Kansas ended the 2016 Fiscal Year $76.2 million in the red.
  • To balance the budget, Governor Brownback withheld $260 million in June payments to school districts until July, which is FY 2017.
  • The state also swept another $23.6 million from the state highway fund. That emptied the fund of the sales tax dollars. [Over $2 BILLION in total has been swept from KDOT now.]
  • The Governor also took some money from the Corrections Department and money from the Children’s Initiative Fund that had not been spent yet.
  • [Many believe that] the state’s mental health system is on the verge of collapse due to lack of funding.
Senior Fellow at the Kansas Center for Economic Growth (KCEG) and Former Kansas Budget Director, Duane Goossen, continues to point to the 2012 income tax cuts as the overall cause of the state’s ongoing crisis.


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You have a CHOICE in the August primary; so let me plug one more time just how important YOUR vote is in this election. As I’ve said before, Kansas politics are often decided in the August primary. And, this primary is no different. I’m hoping you have already mailed in your advance ballot or penciled in “GO VOTE” on your calendar so you have plenty of time to make it to the polls. Advance voting has started and IF YOU DON’T VOTE - the “guys” who made this mess will go right back to Topeka.

Now, an update on what I’ve been doing. I continue to knock on doors (over 3,500 by the time you read this), attend house parties, meet people in the community, and attend community events and forums to introduce myself. 
One such forum was held on June 6th and was hosted by Stand Up Blue Valley. Over 200 concerned parents and citizens attended the candidate forum. Sadly, none of the incumbents (including Jerry) attended. Stand Up Blue Valley is a comprised of a small group of Blue Valley School District parents who are concerned about decisions made by our current legislators. They are a remarkable group of concerned parents and homeowners who have worked tirelessly to inform their neighbors and friends about what’s going on with school funding and the importance of this upcoming election. If you haven’t viewed their recent video, I’ve posted it here so that you can. Please share it with your friends and neighbors.

On June 29th, over 100 people attended The League of Women Voters’ candidate forum. Sadly, again the incumbents (including Jerry) did not attend.
I FINALLY met up with Jerry on July 13th at the Johnson County Public Policy Forum where he had the opportunity to address some of his claims concerning the failed tax policy he has supported for so long. The forum gave me an opportunity to call him out on some of these claims and set the record straight. You can watch the forum in its entirety here.
I also attended rallies of support, like the one hosted Mainstream Coalition PAC, where they presented their endorsed candidates for the August primary. Mainstream Coalition is a bi-partisan coalition of informed citizens who believe that we govern best when people with different points of view come together to find the best solutions to our problems. I couldn’t agree more and am proud to be one of their endorsed candidates.
In the past month, we have distributed over 200 yard signs in EVERY precinct of my district. Your overwhelming support has made the hard work bearable ~ especially in this heat! If you’d like a sign, please email me at and I will personally deliver it to you!
I’ve also worked with dozens and dozens of volunteers who have come forward to support me and my campaign in other ways!
  • People who volunteered their time to work behind the scenes doing graphic design and message development for Facebook and snail mail campaigns.
  • People who kept track of print schedules for mailings, phone calls, and community events. 
  • People who hosted house parties and invited their friends and neighbors to hear what I had to say!
  • People who were always willing to discuss strategy and planning with me (via phone, email, text, private messaging, Facebook, etc., etc., etc.), sometimes on a daily basis. Sometimes many times a day. You know who you are!!
  • People who joined me as I walked in all 13 of my precincts to knock on doors in my district!
  • People who sent messages of encouragement!
  • People who put yard signs in their yards, and put JOY stickers and big MAGNETS on their cars!!
  • People who made phone calls on my behalf.
  • People who “manned” my campaign booth at community events. 
  • People who helped me with clerical details.
  • People who have volunteered to be poll watchers in my district.
  • And, people who have donated money to my campaign.
It has just been amazing! And, I am so grateful. Win or lose, I could NOT have done this without all of the amazing people who have helped me along the way! So, THANK YOU ~ to everyone who gave so freely of their time to support me!

I decided to run seven months ago because I was tired of watching the decline of my state, due to poor policy decisions by the current administration and his allies. And, I was tired of listening to incumbents make misleading or downright false claims about what’s REALLY the matter with Kansas!  
We need a different kind of leadership in Kansas. We need people who are willing to listen to all ideas. To work with anyone on either side of the aisle who is willing to discuss sensible solutions to our problems. I’m ready to go to work.
In two weeks my campaign to become your representative will end.  I hope I’ve earned your vote over the past seven months and I would be honored to serve you in Topeka!
Ready to serve,

Dr. Joy Koesten, Candidate
Kansas House of Representatives
Serving Leawood and Overland Park

Supported by over 200 Leawood and Overland Park citizens, as well as these organizations:
KNEA PACJohnson County Educators, Heavy Constructors Association PAC and Kansas Contractors Association PAC
Copyright © 2016 Paid for by Joy for Kansas, Bob Regnier, Treasurer, All rights reserved.

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