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Dear Friend:

First off, early voting is going on at Hilltop campus and advance ballots went out on October 19th. I urge you to vote early or by mail for several reasons. First, you will stop getting mailers and phone calls. Second, Johnson County is expected to break voter turnout records this year. Beat the lines and vote early. And finally, this election is nothing less than the most important one in Kansas’ history. Your vote could decide if we continue on a path of destruction, or get back to our roots of fully-funded schools, no debt or borrowed money, and some of the best roads in the country. Do yourself a favor: vote early or by mail.

I want to say a few words about the retention of the Kansas Supreme Court justices. Millions of dollars are being spent by ultraconservative interest groups to ensure most of our justices do not keep their jobs. If you vote them out, Governor Brownback gets to appoint their replacements. Does that seem fair to you? I’m sure the Kansas City Chiefs would like to pick their own referees too. It’s the same concept, just with MUCH bigger repercussions. I urge you to vote to retain our current justices.

Just as July was busy during the primary season, October has proved to be every bit as hectic. However, as I’ve said before, I am at my happiest when I am busy. We’ve been making the rounds to nearly all the neighborhoods we covered during our primary. We’re continuing our bipartisan efforts to recruit voters of both parties to vote for us. I am running to represent EVERYONE as your state senator, and I will take anyone’s call, email, or questions.

I ask for your support in the general election on November 8th. Please “like” my Facebook page or “follow” me on Twitter. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work with legislators of both parties to restore Kansas Common Sense to Topeka this November!

Very truly yours,
Republican Nominee for Kansas Senate, 11th District
913-469-6641 (H)

Senate District 11 Resources:

The Skubal Scoop:
September 28th – Endorsed by the Kansas City Star and Kansas Farm Bureau
On September 28th, I was honored with two endorsements. Firstly, the Kansas City Star Editorial Board endorsed me for the second time, saying that my expertise and willingness to work hard will make me an asset to Kansans in the Senate. I thank them for their kind words and stating them publicly. The second endorsement was from the Kansas Farm Bureau. Unlike my predecessor, I hold the farmers and rural communities of this state in the highest regard. We have a vested interest in a balanced tax structure in Kansas, and that will be a large part of revenue reform in the next session. I thank Farm Bureau for their endorsement.
September 29th – Smart Justice Forum
I joined several Kansas Senate hopefuls and incumbents for a packed forum on criminal justice reform. I spoke briefly about respect for our police force here in Johnson County. As a city councilman, I work closely with our local law enforcement. That said, there is much that can be done to reform our criminal justice system. Much of the work will have to be done at the federal level, but the state legislature can be a force for change. I was glad to be invited and it definitely forced me out of my comfort zone as a candidate.
October 5th – Fundraiser with Cong. Kevin Yoder and Lynn Jenkins and AG Derek Schmidt
Supporters and friends turned out for a joint fundraiser for Joy Koesten, Jan Kessinger and myself. My thanks to Lynn Jenkins, Kevin Yoder and Derek Schmidt for co-sponsoring and introducing us. If you didn’t get the chance to attend and would like to donate to my campaign, please either visit my website or send checks made out to “Skubal for Senate” to 6503 W 134th Terrace, Overland Park, KS 66209. I value any donations and I will send you a handwritten thank you note. Please also consider donating to Jan Kessinger and Joy Koesten. Both of them will stand for reelection in two years, and both of them will need your help to continue our work to fix the mess caused by the Brownback agenda. The extremist Republicans will likely put up challengers against them, and we have worked too hard to see our work undone in 2018.
October 1st – Walking Party with Jan Kessinger and Congressman Kevin Yoder
It was a beautiful day for a walking party, and the voters of Leawood South, Hunter’s Ridge, and Waterford were very welcoming of our message. My thanks to Congressman Yoder, his volunteers, Jan and his wife, and my friends Dillon and James for walking with us. We’ll be continuing our walking all throughout this month. We also handed out a fair amount of yard signs. There has been little to no sign of our opponents, but we will continue to work hard and run positive campaigns!

October 3rd – Kansas Tax Revenue Estimates Released
“Kansas faces a more than $60 million shortfall after the state missed revenue estimates for September. Tax revenue was $44.7 million below expectations for the month, a miss of 7.9 percent. The state has missed tax revenue estimates by $67.7 million over the first three months of the current fiscal year, plunging the state back into a budget hole.” – Bryan Lowry of the Wichita Eagle.

As I say at every door and every forum, REVENUE REFORM MUST COME FIRST. We cannot fix our roads, we cannot fund our schools, we cannot reduce cuts to higher education without first fixing the budget. I want to manage expectations. It will take YEARS to dig ourselves out of this hole. Governor Brownback will likely veto every fix we send to his office. But I tell you what, his hand will cramp from signing his name. If elected, I will vote to send a budget bill to his desk every single week. We. Will. Fix. This. The city of Overland Park has a AAA bond rating. We can manage our money. I want to bring the budgetary skills I’ve learned here in Johnson County to Topeka. I can help fix this with your help on November 8th.

October 7th – Kansas Association of School Boards Legislative Briefing
When all is said and done and the new school funding formula is written, my preference for local control will ensure that I leave the spending of the money up to the local school boards. That said, it was important that I attended a legislative briefing put on by the Kansas Association of School Boards. I met many superintendents from across the state, including many from rural areas. It will be challenging to write a formula that pleases all parties concerned, but my fellow moderates and I are up to the task.

October 11th – Provider Advocacy Coalition of Kansas Forum
I attended a forum put on by the Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas to learn how adults and children with disabilities have been affected by the Brownback agenda. What I heard was troubling. The budget cuts have had far-reaching and unintended consequences. I will take what I learned to Topeka and keep the Coalition and their mission in mind when helping to craft a new budget proposal.

October 12th – Johnson County Public Policy Council Candidate Forum
My thanks to my Democratic opponent for a relatively civil forum. I reiterated my positions on the state of Kansas’ finances to an audience, mostly made up of those in the business community. I was approached by several afterwards who said they like what I had to say, and that they will not mind paying their fair share of taxes in the future. When even the beneficiaries of a regressive tax policy don’t want it, you know it has to go! You can watch my full remarks here.

October 16th – League of Women Voters Candidate Forum
My thanks to the League of Women Voters who held a forum for all the candidates in the Shawnee Mission School District. It was a good forum where we learned about some of the candidates facing reelection or election for the first time. The LWV does important work, including massive voter registration drives, advocating for fair voting rights for all Kansans, and keeping us all updated on election laws, which seem to change almost daily. I hope changes and improvements will be made under a new legislature.
October 15th – Skubal, Kessinger and Koesten Listening Session at Corner Bakery
I owe Ben Hallauer at Corner Bakery a debt of gratitude. He always makes us feel welcome. We had a fair amount of listeners in attendance to hear Joy, Jan and myself speak on our legislative priorities. While we all have different priorities, we all will work hard to restore Kansas to sound fiscal footing first. I’ve enjoyed working with these two during campaign season and will continue to work with them in Topeka! Also a huge shout-out to the Jarrell family, especially Genevieve, who’s having a great year in the Blue Valley district! She’s going to do big things.
October 22nd – Meet and Greet at Foo’s Leawood with Rep. Stephanie Clayton and Senate Candidate Barbara Bollier
Representative Stephanie Clayton is the most responsive representative in the Legislature. She organizes monthly meet-and-greets for her constituents in order to get their opinions on her votes and give them a chance to have their voices heard. I was glad to join her and my friend Barbara Bollier, candidate for the 7th Senate District seat at Foo’s Coffeehouse in Leawood for a morning of excellent questions regarding the budget, healthcare, and education policy. The event was well-attended and thank you to Stephanie and Barbara for inviting me.
October 22nd – Walking Party with Jan Kessinger
I can honestly say Jan Kessinger has become one of my best friends through this campaign. Our mutual love of baseball, politics, and hassling our intern James keeps us entertained on the long hours knocking doors. In the picture below, I can be seen meeting constituents in Nottingham Downs north of Jan’s neighborhood and just down the street from our friends the Steinwarts. It was good to see them. Please vote for Jan and myself if you live in northern Leawood and eastern Overland Park. We both work hard to earn your vote and we hope you will recognize our efforts. We are both committed to remaining accessible to you when we are elected.
October 25th – Olathe Education Foundation Breakfast
I attended the Olathe Schools Education Foundation Breakfast with several of my fellow candidates to hear of Olathe’s progress for their students. I’ll reiterate that Johnson County has some of the best public schools in the country, better than some private schools elsewhere! We must continue to fully fund them so that they can continue to excel such as Olathe and Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission have.

October 26th – Overland Park Rotary Meeting
Richard Mabion, a friend of mine from high school and former head of the Wyandotte County NAACP, spoke to the Overland Park Rotary Club on the issues of race in our country today. It is crucial that we be sensitive to the concerns of everyone in Kansas, especially with the national dialogue as it stands today. I always try to make time to attend the Rotary meetings. It’s been helpful in developing me into a leader in my community and always keeps me true to my public service roots.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, November 5th – Final Walk Party with Jan Kessinger and John Skubal
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