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Dear Friend:

On Tuesday, I woke up to a pleasant surprise. The Kansas City Star had an article about my campaign on the front page! Eric Adler, the reporter who followed me as I knocked on doors last week, interviewed several voters in my district after I spoke with them. Their anger towards the Legislature is palpable. Read the full article here and watch the video here.
Kansas State Senate Candidate John Skubal
District 11, Serving Leawood & Overland Park

The special session of the Kansas Legislature will be called into session tomorrow. My opponent, Jeff Melcher, has made it known he thinks the session is a waste of time. Really? Adequately funding our schools is a waste of time to Mr. Melcher? No, a waste of time is a teacher worrying about if she is going to have a job in August because the Legislature won’t do what is right and raise the level of funding. A waste of time is a working parent looking for childcare when the schools are supposed to be open. I’m appalled that Governor Brownback and Jeff Melcher are playing politics with the most precious resource our state has; our kids.

It is well past time for the Governor and Legislature to admit their mistakes, put LLCs back on the tax rolls, and reverse the March to Zero income tax rates. Without a revenue stream to fund our services, Overland Park will continue to hemorrhage jobs and companies, such as Pathfinder Innovations, which is moving to Missouri.  Read about it here.  I’m an Overland Park City Councilman. I know how to bring jobs to my city and my state. Tax cuts are NOT THE SOLUTION!  In order for my message to be heard in Topeka, I need you to get out and VOTE on August 2nd or before by mail ballot – reply to this email and I will send you a form to vote at home, or click here if you would rather print your own! Follow my campaign for updates by “liking” my Facebook page, “following” me on Twitter @JohnSkubal, or reading my new “Issues” page on   

Please do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter if you have comments, want to volunteer to make phone calls to your neighbors, or canvass your neighborhood. Click here to help me meet voters at their doors. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work to restore Kansas Common Sense to Topeka this August!
Republican Candidate for Kansas Senate, 11th District
913-469-6641 (H)

Upcoming Events

6/25/16 “Eagle Excitement” Walking Party with Jan Kessinger
6/26/16 “Falcon Flight” Walking Party with
Joy Koesten

6/30/16 Mainstream Coalition
Legislative Wrap-Up

7/4/16 Leawood Fourth of July Fireworks
7/4/16 Overland Park
Star Spangled Spectacular

3-term Overland Park Councilman John Skubal

Business Development Officer,
Kaw Valley Engineering
24-years, JCCC Director of Campus Services
2-years, KCK Public School Teacher

Stand Up Blue Valley
(Parent Organizatinon)

Road & Highway Construction

KS National Education Association PAC
(Teachers Association)

Senate District 11 Resources:

6/14/16 Leawood Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
Jan Kessinger, Joy Koesten and I attended a Leawood Chamber of Commerce luncheon to spread our message to the business community. We find that many business owners agree with our message to put LLCs back on the tax rolls so as to be able to afford our excellent public services that attract jobs to Johnson County. Leawood has some of the best schools in the country in the Blue Valley district, so why are we jeopardizing this by cutting their funding?
6/12/16 KCK Chamber of Commerce Picnic with Congressman Kevin Yoder
It’s always good to return to my hometown of KCK. There are some exciting economic developments in spite of the Brownback/Melcher “March to Zero”, such as the Willow Run event venue that I visited for the annual KCK Chamber of Commerce Picnic. I met with several prominent Johnson and Wyandotte County business leaders, many of whom expressed their support for my campaign. I was glad to hear an update from Washington by Congressman Yoder, who spoke briefly on his efforts in Congress to address terrorism and email privacy.
6/15/16 Kansas Board of Regents Meeting on Tuition Increases
On June 15th, the Kansas Board of Regents met in Topeka to debate the proposed tuition increases by the Regents universities. It passed. Tuition increased at all Kansas public universities. College tuition continues to skyrocket nationwide, but Kansas is well above average in tuition increases. I spent 24 years as the Director of Campus Facilities at Johnson County Community College. Budgeting at an institution of higher learning is difficult. It’s made infinitely more difficult by the failed tax policies and cuts to higher education made by our Governor. Jeff Melcher has had his chance to curb this trend. Instead of making it easier on students to afford college, he makes it easier for his billionaire friends to make more money! I will work to reverse this trend so that Kansas reaps the benefits of strong universities.
6/14/16 Breaking of the Fast for Ramadan at the Dialogue Institute
I traveled back to my old neighborhood in KCK at the invitation of a friend to attend a program and meal at the KC Dialogue Institute. The Institute is a non-profit educational organization that promotes understanding between cultures. The Institute hosted a “breaking of the fast” for Ramadan, the month when the Quran was revealed to Mohammed by Allah (God). I try to consider all points of view when solving problems, and learning and engaging with other points of view and cultures is essential to the health of our democracy and state! Thank you the Institute for a very informative evening!
6/18/16 Skubal for Senate Listening Session
OUTSTANDING turnout for my second “Skubal for Senate” Listening Session. I believe legislators should make every effort to stay accessible to their constituents. I will make every attempt to continue to host events like this when elected. I will also answer phone calls and emails from constituents. Maybe if Jeff Melcher had done the same, he wouldn’t be hemorrhaging voters daily! After I spoke about my platform to fix the budget, fund education, and get T-Works back in shape, everyone in attendance left energized and ready to help my campaign!
6/18/16 “Skubal Shuffle” Walking Party in Leawood Manor and Worthington
The “Skubal Shuffle” capped off a perfect Saturday of campaigning. Well, really a 16-5 Royals win capped it off, but you get the idea. A GIANT thank you to the Jarrell family who turned out in force to help canvass for Joy Koesten and myself! With more families like the Jarrells, we can win this in a walk and replace Melcher’s failed leadership.
6/19/16 “Fathers Day Fun Run” in St. Andrew’s Place and Gleneagles with Patty Markley
One of the many joys I have of running for the Kansas Senate is getting to meet the EXCELLENT moderate candidates we have running this cycle. Patty Markley is no exception. A fierce advocate of public education, Patty is running for the House District 8 seat against Craig McPherson, a Brownback rubber stamp like Jeff Melcher. She and I canvassed several neighborhoods, including St. Andrew’s Place and Gleneagles in Overland Park. Read more about Patty’s campaign on her website!

6/20-24 Walk Parties with Jan Kessinger and Patty Markley
I’ve set the goal for myself to knock on as many doors as I possibly can before August 2nd. That goal has seen myself and moderate House candidates Jan Kessinger, Joy Koesten, and Patty Markley knock on over 6,000 doors! If you haven’t seen us yet, don’t worry.  We’ll be coming to your neighborhood soon!

6/21/16 Endorsed by Stand Up Blue Valley
Stand Up Blue Valley is an organization of concerned parents and teachers who have been very active in the campaigns of moderate candidates who are running the Blue Valley School District. I am proud to have been endorsed by them! This just goes to show how seriously the residents of Overland Park and Leawood think the school funding crisis has become. It also shows that my education credentials far outweigh my opponent. I will continue to work so that Blue Valley schools will continue to improve and remain among the best in the country!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you in Topeka.

Councilman John Skubal
Candidate, Kansas Senate District 11
Serving Overland Park and Leawood
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