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Dear Brandon:

We have less than three weeks to go until the Republican primary on August 2nd. From what I’m hearing from voters and the media, my race with Jeff Melcher is neck-and-neck. Even if I were 50 points ahead of him in the polls, I would continue to work as if I were 50 points behind. I will not falter. The results of our efforts are showing. We’ve knocked on almost 8,000 doors. We’ve handed out 500 yard signs. More than 30 commercial property owners have posted our large signs. We had a group of 21 volunteers show up to help us canvass on a single day. We’re making noise.

With that said, a number of nasty mailers will be in your mailboxes soon, calling me every name in the book. I want you to know I will stay above this fray. My campaign is playing by the rules. Any mailer that does not have “Paid for by Skubal for Senate” in the corner is outside of my control. My personal mailers will stay honorable. Mr. Melcher has a terrible voting record, and that’s all I need to beat him. He’s not a friend of education, transportation, or business. With your help, we will win on August 2nd and return Kansas Common Sense to Topeka. Turn out to vote and get 20 of your friends to do the same!

You can vote NOW at the Blue Valley School District's Hilltop Campus: 
7700 West 143rd Street, Overland Park, KS 
Monday - Friday, July 18 - 22 & July 25 - July 29, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday - July 23 & July 30 - 9 a.m., 3 p.m.

Or by mail ballot - reply to this message and I will send you a completed form with a stamped envelope - just add your driver's license number and sign, or click here to print your own. Follow my campaign for updates by “liking” my Facebook page, “following” me on Twitter @JohnSkubal, or reading my website,

Please do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter if you have comments, want to volunteer to make phone calls to your neighbors, or canvass your neighborhood. Click here to help me meet voters at their doors. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work to restore Kansas Common Sense to Topeka this August!


John Skubal
Republican Candidate for Kansas Senate, 11th District
913-469-6641 (H)

Upcoming Events

7/17/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
7/17/16 Meet and Greet in the Berkshire Community Hall
7/18/16 Advance Voting Begins at Hilltop Campus
7/21/16 Meet and Greet at the Voran Home in Hallbrook
7/23/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
7/24/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
7/30/16 Walk to Win Walk Party and Pizza Party – Gezer Park
7/31/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
8/2/16 Kansas Primary Election – VOTE FOR JOHN SKUBAL
Find your polling location.


7/6/16 Leawood Chamber of Commerce Morning Mingling

As we head down the home stretch of the campaign, I am endeavoring to make as many contacts as possible in the business and education communities in OP and Leawood. Leawood Chamber’s Morning Mingling presented the opportunity to do so! I met some young future leaders who are sick of the status quo and ready to support me!

7/7/16 Meet and Greet at the Joyner Home
About 30 people joined us for a meet and greet in the home of the Joyners, big supporters of Jan Kessinger and me.  These are a great way to take a break from knocking doors to relax for a few hours, spread some information, and meet our future constituents. I look forward to being accountable to every one of them and seeing them at meet and greets in the future.

7/9/16 Step Up Rally hosted by Mainstream Coalition
It was a beautiful morning in Harmon Park in Prairie Village, not only because of the cool Kansas morning, but because it is nothing short of beautiful to see so many Kansans and candidates who are committed to changing our current political and economic position. There were many moderate candidates from all over Johnson County who showed up to interact with voters. I shared a table with my good friend Jan Kessinger, right next to Joy Koesten and Patty Markley.

7/9/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger
Jan and I are in the final stretch of our campaigns. People are really paying attention now. And, we must have ideas worth listening to, because nearly 20 people showed up to walk for us on Saturday! We knocked out two and a half whole precincts in a span of three hours! Thank you to the Joice, Read, Ensz, Kessinger, Moeder, Rogers, Lyons, Brandt, and Kincaid families for showing up in force to help us! More and more Melcher and Bruchman votes flipped every day!

3-term Overland Park Councilman John Skubal

Business Development Officer,
Kaw Valley Engineering
24-years, JCCC Director of Campus Services
2-years, KCK Public School Teacher
Endorsements & Candidate Research:

Stand Up Blue Valley
(Parent Organization)

KS National Education Association PAC
(Teachers Association)

Senate District 11 Resources:

7/10/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
No sooner did we finish walking a precinct in Overland Park with Joy than did I get home to emails asking for yard signs! The reception we’re receiving in these precincts is UNBELIEVABLE! I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to run for the Kansas Senate. I talked about local control and what the legislature has done to erode the effectiveness of our city councils.

7/11/16 Issuing a Call for Volunteer Poll Watchers
If you are a supporter of my campaign and you want one of the best opportunities of your life to see democracy in action, please contact my campaign to be an official “Skubal for Senate” poll watcher. This involves a short time commitment on election night, August 2nd. You will be deployed to one of my polling locations to help relay the results to me! Email me for details! Democracy is at its most pure when we all participate.

7/12/16 Johnson County Public Policy Council Candidate Forum vs. Jeff Melcher
This morning, I attended a forum organized by the Leawood and Overland Park Chambers of Commerce. I was given the opportunity to answer questions alongside my opponent. We covered many topics important to the upcoming election, including tax policy, education, and transportation. Those in attendance were presented with a clear contrast between Mr. Melcher and myself. Do we continue Governor Brownback's failed policies, or enact revenue reform that will allow us to fund our quality of life services and attract jobs to Kansas that way?
7/12/16 Leawood Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
In an effort to strengthen my relationship with businesses in Leawood, I attended the Leawood Chamber of Commerce luncheon held at the Ritz Charles. Dan Stalp gave a presentation on the importance of leadership in our communities and businesses. If you have never attended a leadership forum, I urge you to. Even if you don’t aspire to a leadership position, listen to how you can make your community a better place. We need local leaders. I am one, and I will continue to be an advocate for my district as your State Senator.

7/12/16 Meet and Greet at the Steinwart Home
Dana Steinwart is one of the hundreds of teachers in the Blue Valley School District who cares passionately about her students. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for opening her home to Jan, Joy and myself. Education was the focus of the evening for me, along with mental health for Joy, and balancing the budget for Jan.

7/14/16 Walk Party with Jan Kessinger and My Family
We had a large walking party, especially for a weekday! I’ve now had a chance to walk with every one of my grandchildren.  Thanks Nick and Julie, who came all the way from Olathe, and even my dentist, Dr. Mike Dix, who is on loan from the Dinah Sykes campaign in Lenexa! We covered a large amount of geography and flipped more than a few Bruchman and Melcher signs. It seems when presented with unbiased facts, the voters are little more critical of Jan and my opponents!
7/15/16 Yard Sign Deployment Day
With our yard sign deliveries completed for the day, we now have at least one yard sign in every precinct in the Senate 11th District. Our supporters range from 95th St down to Stillwell and from Quivira to State Line. Your overwhelming support has made the hard work bearable. Thank you to all who volunteer. If you’d like to place a yard sign, fill out the form at!

7/16/16 “Skubal for Senate” Listening Session at Corner Bakery on 135th
Today, I held my monthly Listening Session for the public at Corner Bakery. I enjoyed chatting with many strong supporters, including Greg Musil, Kim Galbraith, Don Wigger, and Lyndsey, a first time voter! I’ll be seeing these people at the voting booth, and they’ll all be checking my name. More importantly, I’m showing the voters of Senate District 11 that I will be accountable to them, unlike my opponent who has never held a public forum.
7/16/16 Walk Party with Joy Koesten
Again, Dr. Joy Koesten showed that she’s the perfect woman to represent the voters of House District 28. Her organizational skills and many contacts allowed us to knock out the entirety of Lionsgate and the surrounding neighborhoods. I look forward to working with Joy in the Legislature. Today, my campaign surpassed 8,000 doors knocked.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you in Topeka.

Councilman John Skubal
Candidate, Kansas Senate District 11
Serving Overland Park and Leawood
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