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Dear Friend:
Check out my campaign dashboard:
  • 6000 (and counting): Information distributed to doors by me and my awesome volunteers!
  • 300 yard signs (in yards, NOT rights-of-way where our hard-working city employees have to clean up the mess)
  • DOZENS of volunteers on phones & streets
  • 40 commercial signs on approved properties
  • 1 New Orleans jazz band rehearsal

As in 2016 & 2018, Jeff & Elijah Nessel joined us again this year to socially distant door-to-door campaigning!

While SO much has changed, SO much has stayed the same... 
Not only did my opponent help Jeff Melcher campaign in 2018, she continued his legacy of support for Brownback's economic policies into the Kansas House.

Senate District 11 Resources:

All together now, you know the words!

Second verse, same as the first:
Shady Interests vs Tree-Shaded Streets:

She carried water for Americans for Prosperity, so they're repaying her with lies in your mailbox.

I'll take my 100% rating with the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce any day over a good grade with this crew!

They want to fool you because they'd rather have a senator that will do their bidding than one that stands up for our community. Since the card they are leaving on doorsteps doesn't tell the truth, I will. Each bill is linked to the exact process and related votes it achieved:
  • HB 2223: Increased transparency for the state's economic development incentive programs, to better protect tax dollars. Not sure how that is a bad thing. Apparently, AFP is the only one with a problem, as it passed both chambers unanimously
  • HB 2702: Includes property tax transparency and accountability, which AFP testified in support of. So, now they are against it?
  • Motion to override SB 22: A motion was never made to override the Governor's veto of SB 22, so there was no vote. Again, not sure who is making up their facts.
These aren't half-truths and misrepresentations, these are LIES. 
Beware of what you are getting in your mailbox, on your doorstep and on your computer in the coming weeks. What I think is perhaps more troubling than their inability to be honest about the issues is my opponent's willingness to let them speak for her.
If they speak for her now, who will speak for us if she's elected?
Join me in tossing this trash where it belongs and if you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call for the real story! We might not always agree, but I will always tell you the truth! 913-469-6641

If you can help me combat these lies with TRUTH in the mail, social media, and door-to-door, you can donate here!

I am deeply honored to have the support of Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission teachers and parents!
This week's COVID Update:

Last week, Governor Kelly issued an order to require face masks be worn in public places. To ensure local units of government maintain authority in cases where they may have few or no COVID cases, the bill we passed during Special Session allows county commissions to pass less stringent rules.

In an often-contentious meeting, the Johnson County Commission upheld the governor's order to require masks be worn in public. 

Of 105 counties in Kansas, there are:
  • Seven counties with no cases (RA, DC, WA, GL, WH, GH, RS, KM),
  • 42 counties with less than ten cases, and
  • Six counties with 1,001-2,300 cases (FI, FO, SG, LV, WY, JO).
Two weeks ago, Rep. Jan Kessinger and I hosted another town hall to get the latest COVID update from Dr. Lee Norman, the Kansas Secretary of Health & Environment. I encourage you to listen, he has a great deal of experience with coronaviruses and does a nice job of explaining trends in an understandable and applicable manner.
Be kind to each other,


John Skubal
Kansas State Senator
District 11
Representing Overland Park & Leawood
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