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Dear Friend:

NOW SCHEDULING: Atlanta demonstrations February 20-21

If you've ever said:
"UGH - I have to login to (insert 
database name)."
You're using the wrong tool!
Eliminate the spreadsheets, open your browser & start walking!
New Candidate Pricing:
$500 through November
(ONLY $700 per year standard pricing) Scheduling February 20-21 demonstrations - reply now!
Are you an Excel spreadsheet expert?
Do you enjoy printing spreadsheets?
Me neither.
(Ditch the spreadsheets for a GPS map---->)

About Stephanie

A KC-based product, launched in Kansas in 2011.
Due to word-of-mouth, this tool is now LIVE in:
CT, GA, IA, KS, MD, MO, NC, OH, OK, PA, UT! 
Campaign Tutorial
Intuitive interface eliminates training - great for volunteers, time saver for you. Share data with colleagues in overlapping districts (mayor, council, school, assembly).
Easy click and voice-to-text input to narrate the conversation at each door. All text is keyword searchable.
What clients like about the tool:
  1. Designed for the tech-averse, time-constrained, limited-funds, state or local elected official with no (or limited) staff and volunteer resources.
  2. YOUR data is YOUR data – YOU decide who has access.
revolutionized the campaign experience for state & local races:
  • Dozens of walkers adding live data at each door, in the palm of your hand. NO TRAINING NECESSARY!
  • Carbon Copy (CC:) yourself on email to a voter, and the email text is added to that voter's file – and keyword searchable.
  • GPS location shows where you are, which houses requested signs, which are new voters, and which doors haven't been walked.
  • Auto-completed Advance Ballot Applications, mobile signature, emailed to election office - ensure your voters get ballots! 
Reply to this email to make your constituent work more effective and efficient, starting today (your account will be ready to go within minutes). I reward your referrals, so be sure to tell your friends!

Stephanie Sharp
Chief Political Translator
Sharp Connections, LLC
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