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Dear Friend:

Elections matter. I get that this time of year is frustrating for most voters - and for me, too. There are a lot of things to dislike about the election process, especially in a time when the narrative surrounding so many issues is being driven by extremists on both sides. Little room is left for common sense solutions. There will be many times over the next eight weeks where people, fueled by divisive partisanship, will seek to intentionally mislead you to score political points rather than engage in a respectful and truthful dialogue that helps solve problems for the people in our community.

Kansas is facing multiple critical issues. I want to be clear right now, I am not interested in playing politics. I have proudly worked alongside people in both political parties to achieve results for our community. I have never engaged in the practice of endorsing in a partisan race, nor do I intend to start now. Just like you, I am a voter. I listen, research and evaluate which candidate in each race best represents the issues I value most. I trust my constituents to do the same. You elected me to represent you in Topeka, and working on your behalf remains my focus.

No single elected official of either party can affect change alone and no political party has all the answers. Effective governance requires a willingness to reach across partisan divides to find common ground and move the process forward. For the past several years, Kansas has done best when legislators from both parties have worked together to do the hard work of governing our state. I teamed up with a pragmatic group of colleagues who worked hard to help restore responsible tax policy, rewrite the school finance formula, and increase funding for our schools. More work remains to be done, but I am prepared to pick up where we left off and continue to push for responsible public policy. 
If you have questions about any of my votes or positions, please contact me and ask. I take my job as your Representative very seriously. My top priority in Topeka has always been representing the constituents of the 25th District, rather than blindly falling in line behind party leaders. 
When you see characterizations of me that attack my character, I ask that you remember my path to Topeka. After working in California, my husband and I moved our family back home to Kansas to raise our kids. We live in Fairway on the same street where I grew up. Through countless hours as a volunteer PTA advocate, I learned the importance of adequate school funding and good education policy. In 2012, the surprising results of the redistricting battle offered an opening to run for the Kansas House. I embraced the opportunity to translate my experience as an advocate for our kids and our public schools into action. 
Before the height of the general election cycle when everyone goes to their own corners for the next round, I would like to share with you a quote from Mark Twain, whose wisdom stands the test of time. 
“In truth I care little about any party’s politics – the man [or woman] behind it is the important thing.” – Mark Twain.

I look forward to the dialogue we will share over the next several months. See you on the campaign trail and have a Happy Labor Day weekend! 

Rep. Melissa Rooker
Kansas State Representative, District 25
Serving Northeast Johnson County
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