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Dear Friend:

Lately, more than a year away from our next Kansas House elections, a special interest group based in Virginia known as “Americans for Prosperity,” has been buying Facebook ads and sending postcards across the state against those of us who had the courage to vote to override the Governor’s veto of the tax reform package passed in June. The campaign of misinformation pushed by AFP is estimated to have cost roughly $800,000 to date and appears to be just beginning.
Although their funding sources are deliberately difficult to track, AFP is widely reported to be funded primarily by the Koch Brothers out of Wichita. My colleague from Dighton, House Majority Leader Don Hineman, said it best in his recent newsletter:

  • “They advocate for lower taxes and smaller government but in their single-minded pursuit of those goals they ignore the fact that those of us who hold public office have a duty to ensure that government continues to deliver essential government services.” 
  • Rep. Hineman continues, “It is apparent that AFP intends to continue spending their dark money freely in an attempt to buy a legislature which will do their bidding. And when four members of legislative leadership (myself, Speaker Ryckman, Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning, and Senate Vice President Jeff Longbine) are on their hit list, you can be sure these political terrorists are quite serious.” 

Thanks to the Kansas City Star's Editorial Board for covering this onslaught of negative and misleading mail.

As Leader Hineman notes, Americans for Prosperity doesn't need to govern. They don’t need to concern themselves with public safety, quality public education for our children, services for the disabled and elderly, the well-being of foster children, quality roads, or any of a host of other services Kansans like you and your loved ones depend on. They purport to be “pro-business” yet our local business leaders routinely tell us they need a well-educated workforce, safe communities, and excellent transportation routes to grow their businesses.

Kansans expect our personal data to be secure. We expect our courts, DMV, and other government offices to be open and available. We expect our kids to be able to afford to attend college in Kansas. We want this to be a place our kids want to stay - where the economy is strong enough to get a job or grow a business, and they can raise their own families in safe communities.  

For insight into the harm caused by the deep cuts to state agencies, take a look at this series by the KC Star on the topic of transparency in Kansas government.
It highlights areas of the budget where scarcity of personnel and financial resources have led to critical failures ranging from the cancellation of construction projects on deadly stretches of highway, to the deaths of children in state care. Transparency in government is vitally important, but the resources to provide the necessary (and legally required) oversight is equally important.
I appreciate your many calls and emails of support. I also appreciate hearing from the three callers who expressed their displeasure with my vote. The conversations in all cases have been respectful and enlightening.

The work we did in 2017 was not the politically correct thing to do if all we cared about was re-election. It was the right thing to do to bring our state back to solvency. A well-balanced, stable tax code will build prosperity for all. The plan passed in 2017 creates fairness where a certain category of taxpayers was previously given a free-ride.

Here is a link to an interview I did for NPR’s Here & Now in which I discuss the radical policies that brought us to this brink. The response from around the country has been amazing. People are hungry for stable, responsible government that keeps the proverbial trains running on time. Kansas led the way on election night, 2016. Historically, that seems to be our tradition. Native Kansan William Allen White summed it up best in 1922:

  • “Kansas is the Mother Shipton, the Madam Thebes, the Witch of Endor, and the low barometer of the nation. When anything is going to happen in this country, it happens first in Kansas. Abolition, Prohibition, Populism, the Bull Moose, the exit of the roller towel, the appearance of the bank guarantee, the blue sky law, the adjudication of industrial dispute as distinguished from the arbitration of industrial differences – these things come popping out of Kansas like bats out of hell.”

The following are editorial comments from around the state. Additionally, here is my newsletter which outlines this year's tax changes.

Will you help me fight back?

Some of you have offered to help with my 2018 campaign. Thank you! We will run an aggressive campaign. It will take boots on the ground, yard sign placements, house party locations, and other hands-on help next year. Given the amount of dark money being invested in a scorched earth campaign against me, the most helpful thing you can do right now is donate to my campaign. Our finance reports are due in January. The opposition will be watching to see who has the support of their constituents. I respectfully ask for your help to ensure that I continue to be a strong voice for you in the 2018 election cycle. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or ideas about these or other legislative issues. It is my honor to serve you.


Rep. Melissa Rooker
Kansas State Representative, District 25
Serving Northeast Johnson County
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Melissa Rooker,