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Dear Brandon:

On May 18th, Governor Sam Brownback signed a budget bill cutting $282 million from several state government sources.  And on June 1st, the Legislature failed to address the educational funding crisis, despite the Kansas Supreme Court telling them their funding levels were unconstitutional.  They must bear equal responsibility with the Governor on August 2nd in the Republican primary.  Johnson County; you must VOTE THEM OUT!

I am a fiscal conservative.  I’ve spent my years on the Overland Park City Council voting to ensure your local tax dollars are spent wisely.  However, I believe reduction in government waste must be made with the calculated precision of a scalpel, not the wild swings of a meat cleaver as the Legislature and Governor seem to believe. 

  • Paying for the highway fund creates jobs. 
  • Funding higher education creates an educated workforce for our state. 
  • Medicaid ensures that the most vulnerable of Kansans have adequate medical care.
  • Last, but not least, not funding K-12 education would be a catastrophe, the likes of which our state has never seen.  These are not services to skimp on.

The Republican primary on August 2nd is your best chance to restore pride in our government and state.  If you would like to vote from home, you must apply. Reply to this email and my campaign will send you a completed application – all you do is sign, or click here if you would rather print your own.

Please do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter if you have concerns, want to volunteer to make phone calls to your neighbors, or canvass your neighborhood.  Click here to help me meet voters at their doors.  I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work to restore Kansas Common Sense to Topeka this August!

John Skubal, Candidate
Kansas Senate, 11th District

5/18/16 Knocking Doors in Huntington Farms, Leawood
Jan Kessinger and I were meeting voters in Leawood Precinct 203, in the Huntington Farms neighborhood.  It was a beautiful Kansas day!

3-term Overland Park Councilman John Skubal

Business Development Officer,
Kaw Valley Engineering
24-years, JCCC Director of Campus Services
2-years, KCK Public School Teacher

Senate District 11 Resources:

5/19/16 John Skubal Meet and Greet @ Johnny’s Tavern in Overland Park, Hosted by Johnson County Educators
There have been no Kansans more impacted by the Legislature and Governor’s failed “experiment” than teachers; except perhaps the students!  Johnson County Educators is an organization that seeks to elect state legislators who value our outstanding public schools in Johnson County.  I’m proud to have their endorsement.  My thanks to the many teachers and concerned citizens who turned out for the event!
5/19/16 Overland Park Police Department Awards Ceremony
Working for Overland Park on the City Council affords me many opportunities to interact with the men in blue. I was happy to attend this awards ceremony to recognize outstanding officers for their commitment to our city and thank them for keeping each of us safe on our roads and in our homes.
5/21/16 “Jaguar Jaunt” Walking Party @ Leawood Elementary
Over 250 doors today alone.  It would’ve been more, but we had such good responses that we ran out of time! We picked up some great volunteers along the way. 
We met concerned parents, teachers, and a few business owners who want to be put back on the tax rolls!  Disdain for the Brownback/Melcher policies is strong here in Leawood, and it just goes to show that when the tax cuts were enacted, the Legislature listened to special interests and not the people!


5/22/16 “Mustang Mad Dash” Walking Party in Leawood
This beautiful Kansas day found Joy Koesten (running in the Leawood/OP district between 127th & 151st) and I knocking on doors in the Cherry Creek and Normandy Place neighborhoods in Leawood.  We’re finding more and more Kansans still want fiscal responsibility, but are tired of extremism.  Joy and I are happy to stand in the middle with the majority of Kansans.

6/2/16 Shawnee Mission School District Legislative Update Press Conference
Today, the superintendent of Shawnee Mission, Dr. Jim Hinson, spoke about his concerns with the Kansas Legislature’s inability to fund education despite the Supreme Court’s ruling.  Dr. Hinson seems hopeful the Legislature will fund schools by July 1st.  I hope his optimism proves right despite what we are hearing from my opponent.  Not funding our schools would be a catastrophe for our economy, not to mention our children’s futures. Please read Olathe School Board Member Amy Martin’s overview of what a school closure could mean for our economy.

6/2/16 Knocking Doors in Leawood Estates
Jan Kessinger and I were back at it again today.  We’re meeting great Kansans who believe our state is headed for disaster.  Our opponents are hitting your mailboxes with mailers.  Outside money gives them the opportunity to campaign from their own homes.  Jan and I are putting our sweat into this.  We hope you’ll recognize our hard work on August 2nd!

Upcoming Events

6/4/16 “Panther Parade” Walking Party, Volunteer here

6/5/16 “Falcon Flight” Walking Party, Volunteer here

6/7/16 Blue Valley Area Candidate Panel Discussion, RSVP here

6/7/16 Leawood Rotary 5K

6/18/16 Skubal for Senate Listening Session, 10 am, Corner Bakery at 6721 W 135th

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you in Topeka.

Councilman John Skubal
Candidate, Kansas Senate District 11
Serving Overland Park and Leawood
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