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Dear Friend:

Many of you know I filed for to run for the Kansas Senate against Jeff Melcher to put a stop to the failed experiment of Sam Brownback and extremist legislators in Topeka who routinely vote to defund our schools and universities, pillage our infrastructure funds, and concentrate more power in their own hands, all while continuing to support the largest tax increase in Kansas history!  Action was needed, and I could no longer stand by and watch as our communities were decimated.

Having served as the Ward 5 councilman on the Overland Park City Council, I am a firm supporter of keeping government local.  Thanks to the voters who elected local leaders like me, Johnson County has remained the only county in the state to have a net gain in jobs since the Brownback/Legislature experiment.  Our AAA bond rating shows businesses looking to invest in Johnson County that we remain a safe investment, despite the extremist experiment.  You, the citizens, have elected me before, and with your help, I want to serve you again in the Kansas Senate.

I want to emphasize I am running for YOU, the citizens of Leawood and Overland Park.  Given the chance to serve you, I pledge to listen to your concerns.  Had they listened to you, their employers, Governor Brownback and the current Legislature would know it is long past time to admit their mistakes and stop sticking our students and retirees with the bill! 
The Republican primary on August 2nd is your best chance to restore pride in our government and state.  My campaign is sending out applications for
mail ballots if you would rather vote from the comfort of your own home.  Please do not hesitate to contact me here if you have concerns, want to volunteer to make phone calls to your neighbors, or register for a walking party!  I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work with legislators of both parties to restore Kansas Common Sense to Topeka this August!

The Scoop

It has been a busy four months of working for you, making calls, raising money, and planning for the summer campaign.  I have continued my City Council work and had the opportunity to read to the Kindergarten class at Oak Park Elementary.  If we continue to sweep funds from education to pay our debts, we risk these children’s futures.  Special thanks to the Overland Park Police Department for helping me keep the kids in line and answering questions about law enforcement!  


3-term Overland Park Councilman John Skubal

Business Development Officer,
Kaw Valley Engineering
24-years, JCCC Director of Campus Services
2-years, KCK Public School Teacher

Senate District 11 Resources:

4/22/2016 – Attended Johnson County Public Policy Council Legislative Breakfast
The Legislative Breakfast provided the opportunity for the Johnson County business community to hear from legislators in the wake of the dismal revenue projections released on April 20th.  I was very impressed with Representative Melissa Rooker, who seemed to be the only legislator present who painted an accurate picture of our state’s budget woes.  I look forward to working with Melissa and others in Topeka!   

On Friday, I had the opportunity to speak with Eccentra on redevelopment of Overland Park.  As a Business Development Officer for Kaw Valley Engineering, I meet with dozens of businesses every year who are interested in moving their businesses to Johnson County.  Want to know their most frequently asked questions?  Do you have good schools for our employees’ children? Do you have a trained workforce?  Will your infrastructure support our services?  These companies want to invest in Johnson County for its quality of life amenities like schools, roads, and public safety, not because they get tax breaks.  The Governor has failed to make good on his promise to bring jobs to Johnson County.  I want to work for you to fix the state budget and invest in education so that we can bring skilled jobs to Leawood and Overland Park!  I know how to do this.


Good governance starts with being accessible to the people you want to represent.  That’s why I am making the effort to meet as many of you as possible!  On Saturday, my campaign intern James and I made the rounds in southern Leawood and got excellent responses from residents who are eager to get our state back on track.  Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Upcoming Events

4/27//16 Ribbon Cutting at KU Rehabilitation Center @ 5100 Indian Creek Pkwy
4/28/16 Rotary Young Professional Meeting @ Scheels Sporting Goods
4/28/16 Asbury Methodist Church meeting on Faith in Education and Politics
4/29/16 Stormwater Public Works Executive Meeting @ Johnson County Public Works
4/30/16 Listening Tour at Foo’s Custard and Coffee @ 95th and Mission, 9am, RSVP here
5/2/16 Tour of Blue Valley High School and meeting with Principal Scott Bacon
5/2/16 Overland Park City Council Meeting

Legislative Update

The Kansas Budget  

The Consensus Revenue Estimating Group (CREG) is a team of economists and policy experts who consider the costs of current law, tax policy, and economic trends to develop an estimate of the state’s revenues from year to year. These numbers provide the foundation on which the legislature builds the budget.
Estimates are released in April (following tax day) and November as a halfway point. CREG announced state revenues for the current (ending June 30) and next fiscal years exceed the current budget by $290 million – more than a quarter of a BILLION dollars. Governor Brownback sent his budget director to meet the press to deliver the options he proposed for filling the self-inflicted revenue hole:

  1. Transfer millions more from KDOT and higher education into the general fund to pay for basic state operations. Additionally, “securitize the tobacco settlement fund” which sells off the state’s future payments from the National Tobacco Settlement for a one-time payment. Going forward, early childhood programs currently funded by the settlement agreement revenues would be eliminated (Parents As Teachers is the most well-known).
  2. All the smoke and mirrors in Option 1, plus delaying another KPERS payment.
  3. Cut all state agency budgets 3-5%. This would mean a $57 million direct hit to K-12 schools, which would need to be cut from current year budgets by June 30.

As the legislature returns to Topeka on Wednesday, April 27, I will keep you updated on how I’ll do thing differently when I’m elected to represent you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you in Topeka.

Councilman John Skubal
Candidate, Kansas Senate District 11
Serving Overland Park and Leawood
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