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November 2015


Information wrap up for 2015...

This end of year newsletter aims to inform you about changes in the food industry late 2015 and going forward into the New Year. We will continue to keep you informed in 2016 with our summary of important updates every 2 months or as important updates are required. Also check out our website news blog for progressive updates and useful resources.

CFS Client News and Awards
Correct Food Systems is fortunate to work with some of Australia's leading food providors. We congratulate several of our clients who have won industry recent awards:
  • S & D Cold Logistics's Director Melissa Hunt was awarded the 2015 winner of the prestigious "Frank Vale Award" from the Refrigeration Warehousing and Transport Association
  • German Butchery, won Champion Bacon Exhibit for its Canadian Style Maple Bacon in addition to five Gold, eight Silver and ten Bronze Medals at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2015.
  • Our own Gary Kennedy was honoured with life membership of the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare.
Labelling changes in 2016!
Think twice about your labelling and artwork in the New Year.
Plan for the changes ahead.....
Country of Origin Labelling changes
2015 saw the pressure on the government to make changes to Country of Origin labelling for food.
August saw the announcement of a proposed country of origin labelling scheme that will include new standard phrases and a kangaroo and bar-chart graphic.
This graphic and standard phrases will identify two key things about all food products:
1. whether the food was grown or made in Australia.
2. what percentage of the ingredients in the food/product was Australian grown.
There are clarified rules about the use of "made in", "packed in" statements, as well as the use of seasonal labels to reflect seasonal variations in products.
Legislation is still to be finalised but the anticipated phase in period for use of the new Country of Origin Labelling starts from April 2016. Read about the proposed changes on our website, or  at the  Department of Industry

Health Star Rating
2015 has seen the health star rating be applied to over 1000 products by major food producers such as Sanitarium and Nestle. 
The health star rating for front of pack food labels can be a useful tool to promote your product to consumers.  CFS can calculate your health star rating for each product, so you can start to use this labelling initiative.
Nutrition and Health Claims

Standard 1.2.7 of the Food Standards Code that regulates nutrition content claims, health claims on labels and advertising becomes law in January 2016.

Coconut water- Undeclared allergen results in charges for importer.
There has been a spate of coconut drink related recalls, following an increased focus on correct allergen labelling for coconut based products. An importer of coconut water has pleaded guilty to 3 labelling charges, prosecuted by the NSW Food Authority. This is a result of a 10 year old boy dying from an allergic reaction in 2013 from a coconut water drink. Lawyers are likely to pursue civil charges against the directors of the importing company.

Standard Changes
ALDI  Supplier Requirements has been updated. Version 1.3 has been released. View further details on the revised standard for suppliers.
SQF Code Edition 8 is on track for release in 2016, with a upgraded emphasis on food fraud, labelling of allergens and root cause analysis.
Correct Food Systems can assist you with system upgrades to ensure you remain compliant to your customer standards.

NSW Food Regulation 2015
The NSW Food Regulation 2015 replaced the NSW Food Act 2010 on 30 October 2015. If your food safety manual makes reference to  NSW Legislation you may need to update  the details of the legislation. There are no substantial changes to previous legislation of note. Review additional information and download  NSW Food Regulation 2015 here.

CFS News  
Correct Food Systems now has a great website, with useful resources , files, links that are useful and up to date. The News blog page provides updates of new and food safety issues and incidents, so you are aware of food safety issues and risks to your business.

CFS recognise that this is a busy time of year for all our client businesses. We will continue to be available to assist you over the Christmas New Year period  ph 1300 769 937.
Correct Food Systems is currently working on a new innovative service offering for clients, to be revealed early 2016. Correct Food Systems is gearing up to assist you with the labelling changes, and changes to legislation, Food Standards Code and customer standards that are anticipated in 2016.
We wish you and your staff a Happy Christmas and prosperous 2016.

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