"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"  Henry David Thoreau
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Ranger Journal

Photographing Our National Parks one season at a time

May 2015, Grand Canyon National Park
Beautiful Park 
The sky was as amazing as the landscape 
The clever Raven looking for an opportunity :)
The canyon is constantly changing.  I love the shadows that are present at sunrise and sunset.
CJ and I see wildlife everyday, Above are some of the more common animals we see.  I finally saw a California Condor yesterday but I was on duty and did not have my camera with me but I can see what the big deal is...they are HUGE.  They look a lot like a turkey vulture.  A couple of nights ago an elk came to our bedroom window and was nose to nose with CJ, it was pretty special :)  A few of the other wild animals we see most every day are rabbits, lizards, several types of birds, and squirrels (CJ's Favorite).
I was happy to have visitors my very first week at Grand Canyon.  Mary and Mo came up for a four day visit.  I think I gained a few pounds from their great cooking :)
It was great to explore the canyon together.  I chose to use this photo because the Mo kept going to the edge and making her own trails lol.  She was much more brave than me or Mary.  I have started a series of photos that I will title "What Not to do when visiting Grand Canyon" and I may have one (or two) of Mo to add to the collection :)
This is our backyard for the next few months
On my very first day of work I was asked to assist another ranger who was taking a group of (about 30) 4th grade students down the Bright Angel Trail (only to the mile and a half mark & back) the elevation change was over 1,500' in one and a half miles and it kicked my butt.  On our way down we were passed by this mule team.  This picture is for Susie because her only reference to Grand Canyon is of the Brady Bunch show when they went down the trail on the backs of mules.  This summer she will have an opportunity to put new images in her head of this amazing place.
The local Hopi people inform and perform for visitors in front of the Hopi house several times per week.  this young man's headwear caught my attention because it is a mountain lion head.
A cute little chipmunk :)
I hope you enjoy the photos, I know that I enjoy making them. I hope to have one of a condor by the next newsletter.  Next weekend I will be traveling to California for my sister's birthday.  
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