Issue No. 37 I September  2022
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IUIS Vice-President - Address 
We are entering a new era of immunological science, where the therapeutic potential of the immune system to ensure human health and well-being has never been more glorious. 
New advances in our understanding of how immune and inflammatory responses are regulated helped slow a pandemic in a record time and save millions of lives and are changing the outcome of major human diseases. Bolstered by progress made in technology, data and computational science, and gene and cell engineering, the list of diseases benefiting from immunotherapies continues to grow. Enormous successes with immunotherapy have been achieved in infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmunity and allergy, inflammatory and metabolic diseases, and hopefully will soon transform how we tackle neurodegenerative diseases, atherosclerosis, and even ageing.
The immunotherapy revolution proceeds onward and the need for training new immunologists has never been more pressing. Medical and research centres are opening up immunology faculty positions across the academic rank throughout the globe. Pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology enterprises, and investment firms are all looking for highly skilled immunologists that can join them in the immunotherapy race.
And we immunologists need to ensure that immunology research continue to grow. We need to face the increasing demand for immunologists by building more educational opportunities, by taking advantage of the progress in virtual teaching platforms to enhance immunology outreach, and by encouraging the younger generations to join the field.
This is why it has never been more timely to organise the 2023 Immunology Congress In Cape Town, South Africa. The meeting will bring together more than 5,000 immunologists from 70 countries during 5 days of scientific exchange. We will have 500 oral presentations, 2,300 Posters and 4,000 abstracts. The meeting will include Keynotes, Plenaries, and Scientific Symposia given by established immunologists but also rising stars and trainees. We will also host debates and round-table discussions on global health, equitable science, data sharing, misinformation, education and outreach, pandemic preparedness, the future of funding and publishing, and many, many more topics.
This gathering of immunologists will be a landmark occasion. It will be the first time that the immunology congress will be held in Africa, and it is also the first congress of the global immunology community after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will provide unique opportunities to share new knowledge in many areas of immunological research, to discuss state of the art immunotherapy strategies, and to imagine a vibrant future of immunology research that contributes to the treatment of most human diseases.
Information about Session Formats, Topics and already confirmed speakers to date can be found here.

We hope that you will be able to join IUIS 2023 Congress and help make it the most vibrant immunology gathering to date that takes the measure of recent achievements in immunological science and how much promise immunology still holds for the future of medicine.

Miriam Merad
IUIS Vice-President
Mark Your Calendar for IUIS 2023!
27 November 2023 - Cape Town, South Africa
You can look forward to 5 days of enhanced scientific exchange, including Lectures by world-renowned experts: 
• Nobel Laureate Emmanuelle Charpentier
• Nobel Laureate James P. Allison     
• Judith Allen
• Yasmine Belkaid
• Vishva Dixit
• Chen Dong
• Henrique Vaiga Fernandez
• Vaiga Fernandez
• Alain Fischer
• Ricardo Gazzinelli  
• Sara Gilbert
• Laurie Glimcher
• Sharon Lewin
• Henri Mwandumba

• Thumbi Ndung'u
• Michel Nussenzweig
• Federica Sallusto
• Luke O'Neill
• Fiona Powrie
• Arlene Sharpe
• Shannon Turley
• Bruce Walker
More information about Session Formats, Topics and already confirmed speakers to date can be found here.
18th IUIS International Congress of Immunology
Abstract Submission opens January 2023
Early Registration opens January 2023

Clive Gray, Congress President
Rita Carsetti, Congress Vice-President
Henry Mwandumba, Congress Vice-President
Mark Davis, Chair of the Scientific Committee
Miriam Merad, IUIS Vice-President and Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee
Siamon Gordon, Congress Patron
IUIS Executive Committee and Council Elections 2022-2025 
The IUIS Constitution requires elections for governance every three years; therefore, the 2022 elections will go ahead in the absence of an in-person General Assembly, as approved by the IUIS Council.

The triennial IUIS Executive Committee and Council Elections will take place virtually from 1-15 October 2022, prior to the 18th Virtual IUIS General Assembly on Sunday, 20 November 2022. Valued members of the IUIS have, in the past months, sent in their nominations and endorsements for the following seats:

  • 2022-2025 Executive Committee (Vice-President, Secretary General, and Treasurer).
  • 2022-2025 Council.

The IUIS 2022-2025 Election of officers will be conducted through the online voting tool, ElectionBuddy between 1-15 October 2022. Those eligible to vote in the elections are the confirmed delegates to the 18th Virtual IUIS General Assembly. Information about the candidates is available on a password-protected webpage with access reserved for candidates and voters. 

The results of the IUIS Governance elections will be announced at the 18th Virtual IUIS General Assembly which will be held virtually via Zoom on Sunday, 20 November 2022 from 13:00-15:00 CET. The meeting is open to invited participants only. The results of the elections will be made public on IUIS shortly after the 18th Virtual IUIS General Assembly.
IUIS Committees
Education Committee
After the Corona break, we are back to in-person courses and workshops!

The Benin Immunology Society just completed the two-days IUIS-BIS joint workshop on flow cytometry: from basic principles to research applications (1-2 September 2022) at the University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin.

Current activities also include the IUIS Immuno-Argentina hybrid course on Immunological memory in infections and vaccination: actual knowledge and future directions (5-9 September 2022) at the University of Cordoba, Argentina.

New advances in the immunology of the big four (COVID-19, HIV, TN and malaria) infectious diseases in sub-Sahara Africa will be the topic of the upcoming IUIS-FAIS-SANTHE-Immuno-Zambia course scheduled for 4-9 December 2022 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Important: We are currently planning IUIS courses for 2023 and beyond. To this end, national member societies of FAIS and ALACI have been invited to consider hosting an IUIS course.

Please get in touch with the Education Committee for further information.  
Gender Equality Committee
On the occasion of the Day of Immunology on 29 April 2020, IUIS and its Gender Equality Committee (GEC) proudly announced the “Menarini Prize for Outstanding Woman Immunologist” established thanks to the forward-looking vision and generous support of the Menarini Group.

The USD 40,000 prize will be awarded for the first time at the 18th International Congress of Immunology (IUIS 2023) in Cape Town, South Africa, and at future IUIS congresses thereafter. This award is the first and only IUIS prize that specifically recognizes women immunologists and their outstanding research accomplishments. The IUIS Gender Equality Committee (GEC), has formed a Nomination Committee (NC) composed of 101 outstanding immunologists, each responsible for collecting one nomination. Read more about the rules for nominations and selection of awardees here.

The deadline for submission of the nominations has been postponed to 1 January 2023 due to the change of the date of the 18th International Congress of Immunology to December 2023. 
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Inborn Errors of Immunity Committee
It is jarring to reflect on the fact that the world has been experiencing the COVID19 pandemic for nearly 3 years now. 65 million cases of infection and > 6 millions deaths is sobering. Understanding and managing emerging diseases – especially in the context of at-risk populations - really highlights some of the fundamental roles that the IUIS Committee for Inborn Errors of Immunity can have in the fields of infectious diseases, immune dysregulation, genetics of human disease, as well as social equity for access to vaccines.

Over the past 18 months, our committee has published 3 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the Journal of Clinical Immunology. These papers provide updates to community on monogenic causes of diseases of the immune system. These  conditions can manifest clinically as increased susceptibility to infectious disease, autoimmunity, auto inflammation, allergic and even cancer. We strive to publish these updates every 2 years – with COVID upon us, it was decided to publish an interim update in 2021.
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Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee
2022 updates of the International Consensus on ANA Patterns (ICAP)
By Edward K. L. Chan, Wilson M. Cruvinel and Luis E. C. Andrade

ICAP is an initiative of the Autoantibody Standardization Committee, a subcommittee of the IUIS Quality Assessment and Standardization Committee. The goals of ICAP are to promote the harmonization of HEp-2 IFA pattern nomenclature, refine interpretation, and emphasize immunological associations of IFA patterns to optimize their usage in patient care. The ICAP website provides the consensus classification of over 30 HEp-2 IFA patterns with illustrative images and detailed information on the immunological and clinical relevance of each pattern.

The ICAP classification tree has been significantly revised in 2021 based on user feedback, and is now available in 19 different languages.
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News from IUIS Members Around the World
European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) 
New EFIS report on European COVID-19 vaccination strategies.

The European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) has published a new expert report called ‘Lessons learned from European COVID-19 vaccination rollout programmes’ which features case studies of vaccination strategies across Europe in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The report examines different steps taken to encourage vaccination uptake in a range of countries and important lessons we can incorporate to strengthen international preparedness for future pandemics and advance global health. Read more and download the report here.
Upcoming EFIS Strategic Retreat

When in 2019 the EFIS strategic retreat was held in Berlin, it was the first time that representatives from EFIS-national societies had been brought together to specifically discuss how EFIS could better meet the needs of the European immunology community. One of the major achievements of the Berlin meeting was the formation of three new EFIS Task Forces on diversity, education, and vaccines – which remain of central importance to the EFIS Board.

Given the continued need for dialogue with societies on issues such as these, together with the unprecedented events of the last three years, EFIS President Federica Sallusto has again invited delegates from EFIS national societies, partners, study groups and task forces to participate in the 2022 EFIS retreat to be held this November in Stresa, Italy for another opportunity to proactively discuss and engage on the future direction of EFIS.
Deadlines for EFIS support

Please note that the next deadline for EFIS-EJI Meeting Support and EFIS – IL short-term fellowships is 4 November 2022. To keep up to date with all EFIS news, sign up for their NewsFlash and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
Webinars 2022 
IUIS Webinars available On Demand:
Click Here for All Webinars On Demand
Immunology Events
DC 2022, Symposium
9 - 13 October 2022

Cairns, Australia

More information here
SLB - 55th Annual Meeting
26 - 29 October 2022

Hawaii, USA

More information here
KAI - International Meeting 
3 - 5 November 2022

Incheon, Korea

More information here
ASI 2022
29 November - 2 December 2022
Melbourne, Australia
More information here
BSI 2022
5 - 8 December 2022
Liverpool, UK
More information here
IUIS 2023
27 November - 2 December 2023
Cape Town, South Africa
More information here.
ECI 2024
1- 4 September 2024 
Dublin, Ireland 
More information here.
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Advancing Global Immunology Education is the official educational provider of pre-course and online IUIS immunology courses, where we have supported courses in south, west, north, and east Africa, Latin America, India, and Iran. Immunopaedia is open-access and delivers current educational content to provide frameworks of knowledge to IUIS course participants before they embark on face-to-face courses.

Learn with free online courses (more info) or through our real-life case studies with immunology explanations and quizzes. Immunopaedia provides summaries of the latest research on SARS-CoV-2 and other immunology topics (Read Summaries).

Immunopaedia, in collaboration with the IUIS and Frontiers in Immunology, has organised a webinar series on various immunology topics (Read our summaries of the webinars).

You can also “meet” prominent immunologists from across the globe, either in written or video interviews or get to know our network of early-career immunologists through our Immunopaedia Ambassadors Programme

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