Issue No. 23 | April 2019
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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I would like to share the overview of our previous years activities (follow this link for the full report).
Highlights of the 2018 activities are presented in the enclosed PDF and can be summarized as follows:

  1. Communication.  Efforts have been continued to improve communication, accountability and transparency. This executive report and the Newsletter sent regularly are testimony to this effort.
  2.  Committees. See the Committees’ reports. A rotation policy was established and has been implemented.
  3. Other Societies. We strengthened liaisons with societies with a focus on specific areas of Immunology (SITC for cancer immunotherapy) or with overlapping interests (IUPHAR for immunopharmacology).
  4. Beijing 2019. 18-23 October 2019. We thank the Chinese Society of Immunology (CSI) for an outstanding effort. The Scientific Program Committee is chaired by Xuetao Cao and Vijay Kuchroo serves as vice-Chair. Mike Ratcliffe serves as IUIS liaison in the Committee. We are confident that the IUIS-ICI meeting will be unforgettable in terms of science and ambiance.

Yours friendly,
Alberto Mantovani
IUIS President

Find out more about the IUIS 2018 review
IUIS ELECTIONS 2019 - Candidate List

The triennial IUIS Executive and Council Elections will take place during the 17th IUIS General Assembly on Saturday, 19 October 2019, prior to the IUIS 2019 Opening Ceremonies in Beijing, China.

The following candidates have been nominated to run for the 2019-2022 term of office:

Executive Committee Candidates

Xuetao Cao (China)
Miriam Merad (USA)
Shimon Sakaguchi (Japan)
Jose A. Villadangos (Australia)

Alexis Kalergis (Chile)
*Roslyn Kemp (New Zealand)
Musa Khaitov (Russia)

*Michael J.H. Ratcliffe (Canada)

*Candidate is presently an Executive Committee Member and has agreed to run for another term (2019-2022)

Council Candidates

*Mohamed Ridha Barbouche (Tunisia)
*Lucy Ochola (Kenya)

Shashi Baruah (India)
Sin-Hyeog Im (Republic of Korea)
*Fu-Tong Liu (Taiwan)
*José Alejandro López Ramírez (Australia)
Kiyoshi Takeda (Japan)
*Zhigang Tian (China)

Ann Ager(UK)
Tinatin Chikovani (Georgia)
*Jolanda de Vries (UK)
*Regis Josien (France)
Pierre Miossec (France)
*Angela Santoni (Italy)
Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt (Austria)

*Luis Fernando Garcia (Colombia)
Manoel Barral Netto (Brazil)
Leopoldo Santos Argumendo (Mexico)

*Gail Bishop (USA)
*Hanne Ostergaard (Canada)

* Candidate is presently a Council Member and has agreed to serve for another term (2019-2022)
Find out more about the candidates
IUIS 2019 Beijing - Abstract Submission Open!

The triennial IUIS International Congress of Immunology is the leading event for basic, translational and clinical scientists – from those in their early career stages to globally renowned key opinion leaders. We are very proud to announce that Nobel Prize winners Peter Doherty, Jules Hoffmann and Tasuku Honjo will be the keynote speakers this year! You may find the overview of all speakers on our website.

Abstract Submission is still open: IUIS 2019 gives you the opportunity to present your research results to over 5,500 participants. Don't miss the chance to submit your abstract until April 12!

Submit your abstract
IUIS external relationships

The World Health Organisation (WHO)
IUIS has a formal relationship with the World Health Organisation as a non state actor. Our collaborative plan for 2018-2020 focuses on education and training, as well as providing professional advice on nomenclature and standards for and biologicals, especially vaccines.

The International Science Council (
IUIS is a fee paying member of ISC.
The ISC was created in 2018 following a merger of ISSC and ICSU. The ISC is a worldwide organisation covering all science disciplines. In 2018, the ISC developed a set of priorities and actions to meet its overall goal, which is to be recognised, and to act credibly, as the global voice for science. Active and ongoing feedback on these prioirties is essential and I encouragee all IUIS members to become involved.
The ISC has several projects, one that is of potential interest to IUIS is the CODATA project (, which aims to develop agreements and share information on “big data”, an approach increasingly important to immunologists as our technologies improve.

The International Council of Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS)
IUIS is a fee paying member of ICLAS.
ICLAS is an organisation dedicated to advancing human and animal health by promoting the ethical care and use of laboratory animals in research.
ICLAS provides resources for research design and teaching, as well as offering funds for projects and individuals by members (including IUIS members).

All Info about IUIS partnership
Other Immunology Events & Opportunities
The Day of Immunology is April 29!

The annual Day of Immunology is just around the corner on April 29, 2019! The day is dedicated to increasing global awareness of the importance of immunology in the fight against infection, autoimmunity and cancer. The IUIS and  EFIS are working together to encourage national societies to participate in the Day of Immunology and to promote the benefits of immunology research.

We strongly encourage your immunological society and federation to participate in the day. It will be an asset to publicizing your society and the importance of immunology to global heath. We are happy to assist you with advise (please feel free to call) and pedagogic material that you can freely use to create a winning campaign that will reach journalists, school teachers, politicians and decision makers and all people you know.

Applying for a prize is simple - just click this link. 
We look forward to celebrating the awards with you at the IUIS 2019 Beijing, 19-23 October 2019.
                Prof. Alberto Mantovani                           Andreas Radbruch
                     President, IUIS                                      President, EFIS
International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 

Share Your Knowledge at the Veterinary Immunology Symposium!

IVIS 2019, the 12th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium is the meeting for all veterinary immunologists to convene and share recent discoveries, develop collaborations, and inspire the next generation of veterinary immunologists.

Participating at IVIS is your opportunity to get an overview of cutting-edge information in basic and applied veterinary immunology. IVIS 2019 is the platform to build your scientific network, find inspiration for a new line of investigation, identify clever solutions and engage in robust discussion.
Be a part of the evolving discussion by presenting your research results - Abstract Submission is open until March 1, 2019. For detailed information about the meeting and all abstract categories, please visit the website:

IVIS 2019 is organized by the American Association of Veterinary Immunology (AAVI) and supported by The Veterinary Immunology Committee (VIC) of IUIS.
The FAIS Legacy Project (FLP)

The FLP is a joint venture between the Federation of African Immunological Societies (FAIS) and the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS). For the first time in the history of the IUIS, Africa will host its major international congress in Cape Town in 2022.   As a pre- and post- conference legacy to this historic meeting, the FLP was conceived with the aim of training 1,000 African PhDs  over the next 10 years. To achieve this goal and to transform the African science landscape, we need your help.
Read more

FAIS President Henry Mwandumba
IUIS Committees
GEC is promoting 4 students to go to FOCIS 

The IUIS Gender and Career Development Committee (GEC) sponsors each year travel of four trainees to the immunology course organized by the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS), held in March this year in La Jolla. California, USA. 

Four applicants were selected from over 150 applications reviewed by all the members of GEC.  The course tuition and room and board were generously supported by FOCIS.  2019 recipients of the travel awards were from left to right Ifeora Ijeoma from Nigeria, Sifo Duncan from South Africa, Sadhna Aaagarwal from India and Florencia Mansilla from Argentina. 

Their reports from the course will be posted on the GEC website. 
Update from NOM Subcommittee CD Nomenclature
Since the early 1980s, Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen (HLDA) Workshops have been organized to define and validate newly generated monoclonal antibodies to leukocyte cell-surface molecules. Approved antibodies have been defined into clusters of differentiation (CD), and currently antibodies to more than 400 surface molecules have received CD nomenclature under the umbrella of the IUIS nomenclature committee.
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Course Material
IUIS Course Material - Providing online immunology education is the official educational provider of online pre-course material for IUIS immunology courses in the developing world and in other countries. Supported and working closely with the IUIS Education Committee, Immunopaedia delivers relevant and current educational content to provide frameworks of knowledge to IUIS course participants before they embark on face-to-face courses.
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IUIS' Official Journal
Frontiers in Immunology is the official IUIS Journal.

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