FEM Circular - August 2016
August 2016   

24 Hour hotline 

At FEM we strive to offer excellent service to our stakeholders. We have introduced a ‘hotline’ that will offer 24-hour assistance to any injured person seeking to be admitted to a hospital, or any other medical facility. The emergency number is 011-3594333. 

Employer’s Report of Accident forms


When admitting injured workers to any hospital or similar facility, please ensure that the FEM accident report is completed to again eliminate any confusion between the Compensation Fund and FEM. Forms are available on our website

Alternatively, you can use the following link to directly access the form.

We can also courier forms to organisations who require them, or they can be picked up from any of our branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.

Full address details are available on our website.

Merit Rebate - extension of payment date for rebate qualification

FEM has this year experienced some delays in processing assessments. This has resulted in some policyholders not receiving their assessment or receiving assessments very late. Due to this, the final payment date for qualifying for Merit Rebates was extended to 30 July instead of 30 June for 2016.

This final payment date for qualifying for Merit Rebates will revert back to 30 June in 2017. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Responsibilities of the Policyholder in the event of an Injury on Duty (IOD) 

Employers must ensure that FEM is provided with the correct contact details for the responsible person dealing with IOD’s.

Employers must ensure that all senior staff and the responsible persons on site are fully aware of the company’s registration with FEM. They must also ensure that the person is fully aware of the procedures required when an employee is injured on duty.

In the event of an accident, it is important that FEM receives the completed EMPLOYER’S REPORT of ACCIDENT (ERoA) as soon as possible. It is also important that FEM receives all the injured employee’s contact details.

FEM must be notified of an accident by submitting an ERoA form for all accidents that have occurred. FEM will notify all employers every Monday of accidents registered in the prior week.

Employers who work in rural areas should contact the local doctors and hospital to advise them that the company is registered for Worker’s Compensation with FEM. Should there still be any uncertainty, employers can direct these doctors and hospitals to FEM, so that we can clarify the position.

Employers must notify FEM of any of their employees who work outside the borders of South Africa, but who are still on the South African company payroll. FEM must also be notified if the term of service outside the country exceeds 12 months.

Procedure in the event of an accident 

Less serious injury where no medical treatment (first aid only) is required.
  • Report to first aid attendant for treatment, if required.
  • Any incident should be reported by the injured person to the supervisor/health & safety representative as soon as practicable, but not later than the end of the particular shift during which the incident occurred.
  • Ensure that the incident is fully recorded.
  • Ensure that the injured person reports daily to the first aid station so as to prevent infection and to monitor progress.
Injuries where the person is referred for medical treatment to
a doctor/hospital
  • Incident must be reported to the supervisor/health & safety representative.
  • Transport must be arranged for the injured person to be taken to the doctor or hospital.
  • The completed Employer’s Report of Accident must accompany the injured person.
  •  A copy or Part B must be provided to the doctor or hospital.
Loss of limb or unconsciousness
  • The incident should be immediately reported to the supervisor/health & safety representative.
  • Call for an ambulance.

Seriously injured persons must be carried or moved by trained and qualified personnel only e.g. Ambulance Assistants. Incorrectly moving seriously injured persons with back and/or neck injuries could result in a more serious injury or even death.
  • Part B Page 1 of Employer’s Report of Accident must accompany the injured person and be given to the doctor or hospital.
  • Complete FEM Employers’ Report of Accident.
  • Advise FEM TELEPHONICALLY- this will allow FEM to arrange case management.
Fatal accident 
An incident resulting in a fatality must be immediately reported to FEM.

Frequently Asked Questions - Claims Guide 

We have a frequently asked questions and claims guide on our web site that can be referenced at the following address:
Newly designed
Letters of Good Standing

Following our constant endeavors to offer the best possible service, we have moved the Compensation Fund’s number to the bottom of the letter to eliminate any confusion between the Compensation Fund and FEM. The Compensation Fund’s number needs to be reflected on FEM’s LOGs for tender purposes. 

Certified copies of ID’s

When admitting an injured employee to a hospital or facility, they require a certified copy of the injured employee’s ID document. Failure to produce the above could result in the employee not being admitted to the facility. We urge all employers to keep certified copies of all employee ID documents on record. 

Interactive Website 

The purpose of the web site is for policyholders and service providers to easily access information about their claims (accidents) and payments at any time that is convenient to them. To register to use the site go to and click on the Online Connect link and then on the Register now link. FEM staff will receive your request electronically and will process it within 2 business days. Once your request has been authorised, you will receive an email with your pin that you will use in conjunction with the user ID and password to activate your access to the web site. 

FEM is currently in the process of rolling out a newly re-designed web site, which will streamline the registration and navigation process.

The first component was the completion of Employers Return Of Earnings Online which is at
From there you can follow the prompts and provide the required information, enabling us to verify that you are authorised to gain access to the requested information. From 2017 we will be requiring all employers to complete their Employers Returns Of Earnings on the new site. 

More features will be released and advised over the coming months. 

24 Hour Tip-Off Line
(Whistle Blowing)

In the interests of transparency and best business practices, we have implemented a 24 hour, off-site hotline administered by Deloitte, to report any fraud corruption, theft or any other unethical behavior you might encounter. 

Please use the following contact points to report -

Toll Free :
Freefax :
Email :
Freepost :
KZN 138, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320
Website : 

  Head Office 
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