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Let's talk about MONEY!

We don't talk about personal finance at school: not elementary, not high school, and not even education at the highest levels. We just expect people to 'figure it out'. 
ENOUGH OF THAT!! Especially for all you young artists out there. It's time to seize back money and all that is financial as a TOOL FOR THE PASSIONATE. 
Personal finance isn't a boring list of rules and spreadsheets. Personal finance is a set of tools that are going to help you make your dreams come TRUE. 

So, if you're sitting on a set of big dreams, I'm telling you... you can't afford to wait one more second to dive into the awesome world of personal finance!

Who am I? 

A reformed money super stresser turned total budget nerd. I'm also an opera singer/personal finance blogger. 

If you want to know more check out MY STORY
Just because you don't have much money doesn't mean you can't get awesome at it.

Actually now is the perfect time to put some systems in place so that when the BUCKS start flowing in, you'll know exactly what to do!
Practice makes Perfect:

Being a student is the perfect time to become a pro at living with less (a skill that you'll be using through your entire artistic life!
that don't suck


"Budgets aren't for boring adults who like spreadsheets. They're for people with big dreams and limited resources (LIKE YOU)"

YNAB is a great place to start building a budget, and it's FREE FOR STUDENTS. 
Read more



"So I like budgets.

Am I just a huge dork?

Or does your budget just suck"







I don't care what you're spending your money on. This isn't about judging...

I just want you to be making those decisions ON PURPOSE instead of by default. 

So let's get in there and figure out where all those dollars are heading. 
So you want more money? How much?

Do you even know how much you need right now?

I bet you one lego unicorn that you don't....

But you can... in just five minutes with this FREE worksheet. 


I won't lie... tracking your spending isn't all that much fun at first. It's like scales...

But if you stick with it, it will change your life. For serious. 

FACT: Food costs money

FACT: You don't have much money

FACT: You can still eat well, and not spend much money (with the help of these resources)

"Making money doing what you love can be great. But it can also come at a cost.
There’s a lot of pressure to be creative on demand. The lifestyle is … non-traditional at best…
But whether you make money as an artist or not, never feel like your ‘artist status’ is on the line."


Remember that just because you're a student doesn't mean your life is on hold. 

You're not just building knowledge, or building a career....

You're building a life. 

I wish you a rich one, full of art, and community and a well made sandwich (for when things get tough).


(AND... if you're looking for a community... why not join the R2R family... money talk from artists to artists and some fun free tools along the way!!)
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