Mid-July Statics Monsters update:

Sorry for the longer newsletter this time, there was more information than normal these two weeks! I hope you get something beneficial from it. Get in touch with us if we have missed anything or if you also have a story we can share about an athlete like Rebecca:

This edition covers:
- How do the World Rankings Work
- Meet Rebecca Aichholzer a competitor returning to statics after an injury
- Podcast inferview with Chad, creator of The Static Monsters
- 39 events now listed on the website for 2020 so far...
- Everyone can have a go - why Static Monsters is set up with everyone in mind.

How does your ranking work?

I believe the Static Monsters has grown well each year because people will get a ranking (a world ranking) in their class, regardless of the number of competitors competing in their local competition.

Depending on where you are based, there are not always other competitors in your weight class in your local strongman/strength competitions, so what happens? You either have to compete in another class, or you are the only competitor in your class.

Full article here.

Competitor - Recovery - Competitor

The Static Monsters Worldwide has now been run 5 times with major changes and expansions each year. Some athletes have competed in the event since the start and others are totally new to the competition. One that joined early on is Rebecca Aichholzer. Bec is based in Brisbane. Queensland, Australia and competed in the second Static Monsters Worldwide event on the Gold Coast in October 2016.

This year Bec has decided to return to The Static Monsters as her first strongman competition back after recovering from an injury after both knee and hip surgery. Read on about Bec and I hope it helps you to plan your return to training and competition if you also have had to have some time off for an injury.

More here...

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Podcast Interview:
Hosted by John Mouser of Mouser Strength Dynamics (brother of Paul Mouser - the creator of The Mouser Block) this is an interview with Chad (Me). It covers how the event got started, how Chad got into the sport and what the plans are for The Static Monsters going forward. If you have 28 minutes to spare, click the below link:

This interview was done in early November 2019, just after the 2019 Worldwide event was ran.

Get Strong or Die podcast - Series 3, Episode 18
39 events are now listed on the website for this years Static Monsters Worldwide on October 24 and 25. More have been updates just this week.

This year there is currently more than 70 events planned (79 in fact). Due to the current climate we do expect some events to change their plans and venues, so keep this link in your bookmarks so that you can always find the most up to date event listings:

EVENT WORLD MAP - listings and event contact details below the map - CLICK HERE!!!

Everyone can have a go...

Everyone and Anyone:

A major goal of The Static Monsters event is that anyone and everyone could and should be able to have a go.
From the very start, for an event to become part of The Static Monsters Worldwide, an event organiser has to agree with this first line before submitting their event:
***** The competition has to be open to those of all strength and ability. *****
(You can see it on the event submission page:

So what does this mean? Well, hopefully, what it says. The Static monsters has constantly evolved the classes within the Worldwide and World Championships events to become more inclusive for those who might like to try the sport.
Does this mean the competition is only for "noobs?" Definitely not as, there are some very high-level competitors in there too and this is also important. This gives people the chance to compare themselves to the best in the world while also competing within their own limits. Obviously doing a 500kg yoke or a 200kg Atlas stone is not achievable for everyone but having your log and axle deadlift ranking on the same rankings as some of the biggest names in the sport is kind of special.
Now that the event has spread to 27 countries and nearly 80 cities around the planet the event and the sport is becoming more accessible for anyone and everyone to have a go.
Enjoy your training and see you all on October 24 and 25 this year!!!
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