A experiment for me, an exercise for you (so we can take all of these ideas and intentions we have, and create some action.)
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Collage by Anthony Zinonos


I've written a lot over the years about bringing an experimental mindset to both art and life making.

A beautiful thing about experiments is that we are comfortable with them “failing,” aka producing an outcome that we didn’t intend.

A beautiful thing about experiments is that they are intentional: we state a very specific hypothesis, and then choose an approach to the experiment— the steps we are going to take to carry it out.

A beautiful thing about experiments is that we collect information afterwards, and adjust our future actions accordingly.

Putting on my “experiment” hat makes me feel a little safer with making changes and starting new things— what is the worst thing that could happen? I get an unexpected outcome and adjust.

My current experiment could be called something like, what happens when I’m really deliberate about taking my own advice?

You see, I talk to my clients a lot about getting intentional with what they are spending their energy on, and about choosing small amounts of time each day on actions that support these intentions. I want to make sure that I practice what I preach.

(Without waiting until that one big project is over, or my life “settles down” or….)


Each week, as part of my experiment, I try to make a little bit of time for:

Resting/white space/doing nothing

Moving my body

Connecting and collaborating

That one pesky admin task

And, a couple more extended chunks of time for the creative work that takes my best mental/emotional energy (right now, working on class curriculum for the fall).

These are activities that I either

  • Value/care about putting in my life — OR —
  • Need to support my bigger intentions (“that one pesky admin task")
Your list of things might look very different, depending on your needs and what you’re working on.

As part of my experiment, I am making time to reflect a couple times a week on how things are going: Where am I feeling stuck? What’s going well? I am a human that loves structure, so I’m using this worksheet to help me check in. You can download it below or change it to fit your (perhaps less structured) needs.

The point is this: to gather some information over the course of the month about how things are going; to pay attention; to notice and adjust.

Download the reflection worksheet here
If you use it, let me know how it goes.

I am continually aware:


The ideas I discuss in these newsletters are great in theory but better in practice.

How can we move from thinking about them to doing them? Hopefully, regular-check-ins (and putting things on paper) help. I know it has been helping me.

Sending warmth your way,

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Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money— Important stuff, especially for all of us exploring how we feel about money as artists. This is the most "holistic" take on understanding our relationship to money that I've read. (As always, linked on Amazon but you probably have a great independent bookstore or library...)

Do you have any good podcast recommendations for while I'm painting this week?
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“Whenever we are starting something new it is uncomfortable. You may meet a resistance, or an acute opposition that can also be defined as an edge. An edge can be where you find growth.”
-Sarah Gottesdiener

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