The end of the year is proving to be a groundswell of development and we are ending the year very strong with new updates and features. 

Automation returns to DeFi Smart Accounts! We integrated Protection Automation with our friends from Gelato and we are building a new kind of aggregator. Let's catch up on all the recent happenings!

🤖Automation Superpowers are Back!

Earlier this month we launched Protection Automation on AAVE. This powerful automation was created with the legendary members of Gelato. Protection Automation is available on both Mainnet and Polygon versions of AAVE. You can find Protection Automation under Strategies in the AAVE page.

After submitting your Protection Automation transaction, the Gelato Bots will eat ice cream until your position hits the Triggering Ratio. 🤖🍧

Once the Debt to Collateral hits the set Triggering Ratio, the Gelato Bots will immediately utilize collateral in the position to return the position to the Target Ratio.

🐎 Triggering Ratio: The % at which the automation will occur, once the position enters this range or above it will execute.
🎯Target Ratio: The % the automation will return the position by utilizing the collateral.
Modifying Automation and Reviewing Executions
Once Protection Automation is set you will find a badge showing 'Secured by Automation'. You can update or review the Protection Automation settings by returning to Strategies, however you can find more information in the Authority page.

You will find entries with tx hashes for any time Protection Automation executed as well as the ability to modify or cancel the automation.
More Information about Protection Automation
We are very proud to offer Protection Automation. Please be aware that Protection Automation has some limitations and you are still advised to monitor your positions.
  • Protection Automation will occur indefinitely unless you cancel the Automation.
  • At this time you cannot specific the Collateral to be utilized in the payback.
  • We have received some feedback on users wanting to specific the collateral and is something we may do in the future.
  • For more information visit the Protection Automation page on Codex.
Protection Automation Walkthrough Video
Need a little more help with Protection Automation? Maybe you need a refresher on Debt to Collateral Ratios to better help set your trigger and target ratios? No fear! We have an extended walkthrough of Protection Automation you can watch here to get started: 
Visit the Platform

👨‍🍳New Development: ⚡️Flashloan Aggregator

Earlier this month we unveiled development of the Instadapp Flashloan Aggregator. The Flashloan Aggregator will be the first on the market to aggregate multiple flashloan sources offering competitive rates for all flashloan related operations on our platform. Along with the Flashloan Aggregator, Instadapp will also enable and build our in house flashloan source.
INST tokenholders voted on the Fee Minimum for the Flashloan Aggregator and have chosen a competitive 0.05%. The Fee Minimum will apply whenever utilizing the upcoming Flashloan services.
The Instadapp Flashloan Aggregator will feature unique capabilities such as Advanced Routing. Advanced Routing will enable the Aggregator to utilizing lending protocols to access additional liquidity expanding asset availability. For more information see the full proposal.
Read the Governance Proposal

📈 Instadapp has 12B in TVL! Top 5 Protocol by TVL

Instadapp has continued to stay strong in the top 5 DeFi protocols by Total Value Locked. Instadapp has around 12 Billion in TVL.

🔒Total Value Locked: $12,069,398,987
⚡️Total Flashloan Volume: $37,898,407,001
🔵 Mainnet Accounts: 33977 
🟣 Polygon Accounts: 51601

You can find more platform statistics and information on our community created Dune Analytics Board

🧑‍🔬 Avalanche Strategies - Leverage, Swap and Swap
Utilize our popular and familiar strategies on Avalanche AAVE. 
Farm up to 5x on AVAX using the Leverage strategy and when you need to unwind it, you can do it all using the Save strategy. Access the best stablecoin borrowing rates by using the Debt Swap strategy or buy into an asset or take profit using Collateral Swap. Now you can do it all on Avalanche !

📖 The Instadapp Wiki: The Codex
The Instadapp Codex is our Notion/WIki expanded information on all things related to Instadapp. You can find longer articles describing components of the platform, walkthroughs and feature pages like our Quick Knowledge Guide. The Codex is always looking for additional writers and anyone who would like contribute by generating documentation or tutorials. If this sounds like you reach out to us on Discord!
Visit the Codex Site

🏅POAPs now added to Community Votes
The POAPS are here! Community Voter POAPS have been appended to Snapshots for upcoming Snapshots but we also are including retroactive POAPS! Our latest Flashloan Fee also included a POAP so grab them all! You never know if you'll need them for something 🤝🎲

All of our POAPs have been designed by the talented FabricatedAbyss (Twitter: @Fabu)
🦉INST is entered into the DeFi Pulse Index

INST joins the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) Index product created by the folks over at Indexcoop. We are really happy to be included in this basket of essential and leading DeFi protocols enabling many users the ability to hold a piece of Instadapp. DPI is included in the popular Bankless Index Token (BED) and DPI is also enabled as collateral on a variety of protocols.

View the DPI Information Page
😎 Instadapp joins Gelato to discuss AAVE Automation
Instadapp joined Gelato's Dev Chat where we got to shill Protection Automation and why you should never get liquidated. We go through some use cases for automation show off the feature on Instadapp and discuss potential future use cases and of course spread the gospel of AAVE. 

🚀 Preparing for Instadapp Interop 

When Interop? Interop is currently being tested by the team and is very close to being available to the public. Interop will be a multistep launch process with the first being the Beta. At the Beta launch, Interop will allow for migrations of AAVE positions between Avalanche and Polygon. During the Beta, the team will monitor carefully the usage and performance of Interop and gradually enable features and additional networks.

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