Instadapp is now live with our Beta launch of Arbitrum and we have plans to be on more chains, so expect us in your friendly low cost L2. We have have many integrations to catch up on so let's discuss whats brewing in the Instadapp Lab.

🦄 Uniswap v3 launched on Instadapp

Uniswap v3 arrives to Instadapp and we are excited to make this the premier dashboard for managing Uniswap v3 NFTs! For a walk through on how to get started please see the video below:
Uniswap v3 Video Overview
Instadapp DeFi Smart Contracts received a few updates to enhance the management and handling of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 making your DeFi Smart Account fully NFT compatible. You can import Uniswap v3 positions from your owner wallet as well as export them back.

👨‍🌾Update to Liquidity Mining Rewards

Liquidity Mining rewards have been updated with the release of Uniswap v3 to include the new Uniswap v3 Staker. Let's review the LM options currently available: 
G-UNI Automated Liquidity Pool (~35% APR)
Users who were in the more active G-UNI can remain in the same pool, this pool popularized during our token launch will continue to operate the same. The G-UNI token model earn maximum fees while automatically rebalancing the position to concentrate liquidity. 
Uniswap v3 Staker (~Varies APR)
This is the most involved but can yield very high APRs on INST rewards. The Staker contract only distributes rewards while the NFT price range is at market value. This means users with more narrow concentrations earn higher INST rewards.
Need some help getting started with INST rewards on the new Uniswap Staker v3? You can find a tutorial to get you started here:
How to stake ETH/INST with Uniswap Staker

🗿 Reflexer Finance on Assembly

Reflexer is a protocol for generating a unique stablecoin, RAI. Unlike other stablecoins, RAI is different as its stability does not come from being pegged to the Dollar. Instead, RAI uses several mechanisms to maintain the price and availability of RAI stable including a redemption mechanism which helps keep the price stable relative to the price movement of ETH.

Upcoming Reflexer Strategies
Reflexer Team expressed interest in submitting some strategies for Reflexer Finance on Instadapp. Strategies are complex transactions that can be used to move value between protocols such as refinancing debt positions or levering multiple protocols at once. You can execute your own custom transactions with a little bit of Javascript knowledge on any page of the DApp, or more comfortably using Instadapp Terminal.

🥳RAI empowers users with truly stable value

Visit Reflexer DApp Page

🔓 Yearn Vaults on Assembly

Yearn Finance arrives to the DeFi Smart Layer! You can now deposit directly into Yearn Vaults using your DeFi Smart Account. Yearn Finance is the premier protocol for automated yield strategies. You can find Yearn alongside the new Reflexer Page on Assembly.

Visit Yearn DApp Page

👨‍🚀 Instadapp live on Arbitrum

Instadapp is now live on three chains, Mainnet Ethereum, Polygon and most recently we launched on Arbitrum. The team has plans to launch on another three networks making Instadapp a truly multi-chain protocol. Expanding to additional networks will makes Instadapp more accessible and allows DeFi innovation on any chain access to the infrastructure of Instadapp. 
Instadapp is launching with Uniswap v3 on Arbitrum as our launch DApp. We are excited to offer LP creation and management on an L2 with lower costs. Uniswap v3 can require a lot of management which can be costly on mainnet.

Upcoming Development
We are currently working on solutions so users can more easily move their mainnet Uniswap v3 NFT positions between chains and take advantage of gas savings and compete in a different market. Currently you will need to utilize the native Arbitrum bridge to get started.

Arbitrum Beta
Arbitrum Network is still in its early stages, the network has planned updates to further decentralize its sequencer. The network could experience issues as it finalizes. Please use Arbitrum at your own risk.
Visit Instadapp on Arbitrum

🛰 Current Sightings

INST Liquidity on Bancor with Single Sided Liquidity
Bancor governance approved and supports INST token with a co-investment of 900k Bancor! This enables user to deposit INST (and only) and earn trading fees with no impermanent loss! Here is a link to the INST/ETH Pool. This is a great alternative if you find INST Liquidity Mining on Uniswap too involved.
Instadapp Joins Immunefi for Bug Bounty
Instadapp has partnered with Immunefi to offer an open bug bounty with rewards of up to $50,000 (USD). If you find any bugs please report them to Immunefi and complete the disclosure to receive a reward.
Instadapp joined DeFiant for a Jam Session on Frontends
Our CTO Samyak Jain joined a live panel of leads from a variety of DeFi frontends to talk about the the challenges and opportunities for frontends. @CamiRusso led the panel discussion. You can watch a replay here on The Defiant's youtube channel.

🌸 Stay up to date with Instadapp

🏛 Governance Forums for Deep Discussion
You can see all the current happenings in our Governance Forum. Here is where the community makes deep dives into protocol decisions and process.
⛓ More Chains More Integrations
Know a great DApp you would like to see on Instadapp? Reach out to your favorite DApps and share the Integration Guide with their community. Integrating into Instadapp is easy, and once integrated protocols can build and leverage all other integrations to create their own unique strategies, or help facilitate liquidity into their protocol.
📞 Community Calls
The Instadapp Community has been having calls on Discord; anyone can join them! Last Growth Call we were joined by the innovative QiDAO. You can find the latest information regarding community calls on our Discord
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