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July 2020 
WNF Update
Woodford Neighbourhood Forum (WNF) is now a consultee on planning applications in the Woodford Neighbourhood Area (all of Woodford except the aerodrome site). The forum management committee is invited to submit comments to Stockport Council on each planning application and our comments are considered when the council decides on whether to grant planning permission.

The WNF website has been updated It now includes a table of planning applications and the WNF management committee comments submitted to the council. We will update this table regularly. You can find it on this link:

Anyone who lives or works in the neighbourhood area (all of Woodford except the aerodrome site) is welcome to become a member of the forum, which does not commit you to anything, but gives you a vote at the AGM. You can join here. We have archived our non-members mailing list, but if you would like to add you name to a new non-members list to receive occasional updates via email without becoming a forum member, you can contact us here.
Woodford History 2
In a series of WCC newsletter articles, we will be delving back into the history of Woodford, from prehistoric times, through the Middles Ages to the present day and looking at some of the key features and landmarks in the village.

Deep History
There have been major fluctuations in the climate on earth in its 4.5 billion year history. The early atmosphere was largely carbon dioxide with little or no oxygen. 2.7 billion years ago single celled organisms that were able to use this carbon dioxide and the energy from sunlight in a process known as photosynthesis evolved on earth. The plants we see on earth today have evolved from these organisms and use this process. A by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen and so, with the arrival of photosynthesis on earth, carbon dioxide levels reduced and oxygen levels increased in the atmosphere. Although some simple animals have been found which can survive at very low oxygen levels, it is thought that increasing oxygen levels may have contributed to conditions which allowed the evolution of the great diversity of animal life and eventually humans, who are a very recent addition to life on earth in the massive timescales involved.

During the relatively warm Carboniferous Period, 300 million years ago, before significant cooling of the climate and an Ice Age, plants grew and died at a great rate. Carbon dioxide reduced and atmospheric oxygen levels were the highest the earth has ever experienced. Layers of dead plants eventually became coal, oil or gas when compressed under subsequent layers. Coal measures dating back to the period are found to the east of Woodford in neighbouring Poynton. 
Artist’s Impression of the coal forests of Europe in the Carboniferous Period (
After the Carboniferous Period, the climate on earth cooled and an Ice Age followed. From the end of that Ice Age 11,500 years ago, England became covered in increasingly dense forests of oak, hazel and birch, with some pine. When people began farming, the tree cover slowly began to give way to pasture and cultivated land. Under Anglo-Saxon kings, the forests still belonged to the landowners and their subjects, but William I introduced "Forest Law", which claimed the open moors and woodlands as the hunting grounds of kings. 

Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, Woodford was part of the royal hunting forest and in 1248, the manor of Woodford was one of several in the Barony of Stockport. In 1300 the forest stretched from Leek in the south to Marple in the north and was 10 miles wide along the western Pennines. Land was cleared and improved for agriculture in the late 13th century and a corn mill existed by 1296. In the 13th century, Woodford (known as Wideford or Wydeford) was a subordinate manor in Poynton held by the Stokeports. In 1355, land at Woodford was granted to the Davenport family. At this time Woodford was a hamlet on the edge of the Macclesfield Forest. 

The Davenports originally lived in Old Hall in Old Hall Lane which is now Old Hall Farm. The date is uncertain but it was known to be there in 1370, much of the original building having been destroyed by fire. The Davenports built New Hall further down the lane in 1630. Their initials and Coat of Arms appear above the entrance. It was used by the family until it was purchased by AV Roe company in 1924.

Sources of information include:

“A Scrapbook of Woodford” compiled by members of the WI and friends 1950 – 1953, the Woodford Rose Queen Golden Jubilee Souvenir Programme 1989 and “Woodford, Glimpses into the Past” by Heather Braddock 2004.

More history in the next Newsletter…
Woodford Footpaths
During the Covid-19 crisis it has been lovely to see an increase in the number of people using the lanes and footpaths in Woodford. More than 20 footpaths pass through Woodford, which can be linked together in various combinations to create a variety of different walks. We will feature a series of articles showing sections of this network, which you may have yet to discover. 

Blossoms Lane to Church Lane, footpath 4HGB
This short section provides connections to longer walks. Follow a public right of way (FP147) from Threeways Farm on Blossoms Lane in Woodford along the private, no-through-road section of the road, passing Blossoms Farm on the left.
Note that this section of road can be used by walkers, but is not a right of way for cyclists or horse riders. Dogs should be kept on a lead.
As you walk down this lane you cross the border into Handforth, Cheshire East. Around 100 m or so beyond Blossoms Farm, turn left over a stile into a field belonging to Barr Green Farm and you are back over the border into Woodford, Stockport. The path crosses a short open section of field, where there are views across farm fields and towards Lyme Park and Kinder Scout in the distance. It then runs beside a stream and tall hedge on the right in this same field. The stream is crossed via a footbridge leading to a fenced footpath, which exits on to Church Lane alongside Glyn Evans Nursery, near a sharp bend in the road. Turning right at the exit onto Church Lane and walking 100 m leads to a footpath on the right, which is 5HGB, part of the Fred Perry Way. This path is very narrow in places and leads to Wilmslow Road. Alternatively, turning left at the exit of 4HGB onto Church Lane and walking 100 m leads to a footpath on the right (7HGB), which crosses fields belonging to Hill Top Farm and goes to Chester Road.
From the Blossoms Lane end of 4HGB, a walk can be linked with footpaths leading west into Handforth, including Wilmslow FP127, FP128, FP129, or south west across the River Dean to Dean Row. 
Map of footpaths in west Woodford and Handforth
For further information: 
The Stockport public rights of way map can be found here.
The Cheshire East interactive footpath map can be found here.

Dog walkers, please respect other users by collecting dog poo in a bag and taking it home for disposal in the black bin.
Woodford Wildlife
In June 2020 a red kite was seen flying over the Blossoms Lane area. It was identified because it is larger than a buzzard, has white bars under the wings and a very distinctive curved tail. Apparently, sightings have increased in the area recently.
Red kite flying over Blossoms Lane,13 June 2020
We will include any notable wildlife sightings in Woodford. Let us know if you see anything unusual and better still have a photograph to send us.
Road Works
We have been informed that contractors working on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester will be undertaking works to recut detector loops on Chester Road, Woodford, between the junctions of Bridle Road and Chester Road Poynton. These works are scheduled to take place from 20th July until 22nd July and will require the use of temporary two-way traffic signals between the hours of 10:00 and 15:00, as and when required.
WCC Funding
Woodford Community Council is funded by sponsorship and we thank Avro Heritage Museum and the Deanwater Hotel for their continued support, which helps to maintain our website and support our activities. 

Should you know of anyone who might like to sponsor us please email 
If you would like to donate money we have a Just Giving page:
New WCC committee members welcome
Everyone who lives in Woodford, including the aerodrome site, is automatically a member of WCC. If you would like to be more involved, there are 15 places on the Management Committee and there are currently vacancies. We would like to invite anyone over the age of 18 living in Woodford to come to a meeting and see if they would like to get involved.  Should you wish to find out more please send an email to:
WWMCC Update 
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AVRO Heritage Museum and The Deanwater Hotel images. Two of Woodford Community Council sponsors
Visit the AVRO Heritage Museum Website here & the Deanwater Hotel website here.
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