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29 MAY 2015
Message from the TAP Coordinators: 

Dear TAP Friends,

With all of the Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations' "stocktaking" sessions behind us, and as we look towards to the final stretch of negotiations in June and July, we find ourselves at the precipice of the most meaningful and important period for our collective advocacy around the Post-2015 process, with the Zero Draft of the Post-2015 outcome document slated to be released next week. 

As we head into this new stage of our advocacy, we thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on our work together from the past four short months since we've signed on as TAP Network Coordinators. As a Network, we've put together position papers on Financing for Development and Accountability, and an open letter and position paper on SDG/Goal 16 Indicators; More than doubled our total individual membership of the TAP mailing list, nearly tripled the number of organizations supporting the Network, and increased representation from the Global South five-fold; Had more than 130 endorsements on all of our position papers thus far, and counting; Hosted numerous events in New York around Post-2015 negotiations, in partnership with critical actors from civil society and Member States; Improved our own internal governance by establishing the inaugural TAP Steering Committee; Established an extensive digital media footprint through our website and twitter; Been invited to engage in the work of the Praia City Group as Members; Invited to speak at the UN General Assembly Interactive Hearings on Post-2015 Agenda; and so much more.

We can't express to you how appreciative we are to all of you for the incredible amount of work and support you have shown both the TAP Network and us individually over these past four months, and we are constantly encouraged and inspired by your dedication to this collective work we are undertaking. And with the bulk of our work ahead of us in the coming months ahead, we can't tell you how much we're looking forward to taking the work of TAP forward from here, in partnership with all of you. 

Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support when it comes to the work of the TAP Network, and we are looking forward to these busy few weeks and months ahead of us, as there are opportunities abound for our collective advocacy going forward! 

Best Regards,
TAP Coordinators
John & Liam
TAP Network’s Position Paper on SDG Indicators

The TAP Network’s common position paper on "Making Goal 16 and the SDGs Transformative: An Indicator Framework Fit for Purpose" was distributed to all Permanent Missions to the United Nations.

This common vision, based on the inputs of dozens of organizations within the TAP Network and endorsed by more than 26 organizations and counting, reflects the need for an indicator architecture for the SDGs that advances transparency, accountability and inclusive citizen participation – and provides specific recommendations for how these indicators should be framed.

SIGN-UP TAP Network Indicators Working Group

Turning our focus to the upcoming Interagency and Expert Group on SDGs (IAEG-SDGs) meeting coming up next week here in New York, and the upcoming Praia City Group on Governance Statistics ahead of us in June – and with our position paper on SDG/Goal 16 Indicators in circulation for endorsements – we would like to put together a TAP Network Indicators Working Group that will help guide the work of the Network on the issue of SDGs and Goal 16 Indicators over these very important months ahead of us. We have been invited to be members of the Praia City Group, including engaging and speaking during the first meeting of the Praia City Group in June in Cabo Verde, so it is absolutely imperative that we have everyone on board that is interested in engaging on the Indicators front – so we can discuss how we engage in the work of the Praia City Group going forward, including in this first meeting coming up.

Please fill out the following google form ASAP if you are interested in contributing to the work of the TAP Network Indicators Working Group going forward:

As there will be multiple opportunities for advocacy on the Indicators front over the next several months, including some in our immediate future, we hope to convene the first meeting of this Indicators Working Group sometime in the next week or so – so your timely response is very much appreciated! 

Please let us know if you have any questions at all, and we look forward to taking this very important work forward with all of you!

"Participatory Governance: Laying the Foundation for a Transformative and Accountable Post-2015 Agenda" side-event, co-hosted by TAP Network and CIVICUS

On behalf of the TAP Network and CIVICUS, we would like to thank those we were able to join us for our “Participatory Governance: Laying the Foundation for a Transformative and Accountable Post-2015 Agenda” side-event last Thursday, around the Post-2015 Negotiations in New York. For those  who were unable to attend, please find a brief summary from the event here.

TAP Network Conference Call, Thursday, 28 May at 10:00 EST/14:00 GMT/15:00 BST

Please find the meeting minutes from the conference call here

TAP Network Steering Committee Conference Call, Friday, 29 May at 09:00 EST/14:00 BST/15:00 CEST/CAT/18:30hrs IST

Please find the decisions taken from the conference call here.


Intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda 18-22 May in Conference Room 4 on “Follow-up and review”

IISD Reporting Services has a comprehensive report on the Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda 18-22 May March which you can retrieve at

The HLPF will meet from Friday, 26 June through Wednesday, 8 July 2015. The ministerial segment will be from Monday, 6 July, through Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Registration for the 2015 HLPF 26 June – 8 July is now open. The online registration can be accessed at: 

Deadline for registration is Monday 15 June.

Third International Conference on Financing for Development

You can find the updated compilation of the FfD3 Zero Draft at

The Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs), to be held in New York from 1-2 June 2015 in Conference Room 3 at UN Headquarters

More than 100 stakeholders have registered to attend.

The meeting will be web cast live at

More information on the 1-2 June IAEG meeting is available here:

Subject to the concurrence of the chair and members of the IAEG, there may be an opportunity for major groups and other stakeholders to deliver up to five joint statements. UN-NGLS and DESA facilitated a call with the registered meeting participants on 28 May and the decision was taken to carry forward coordination via Google forms and in-person meetings in New York on Monday and Tuesday during the morning and lunchtime.

1) Please complete this form if you want to collaborate on the joint stakeholder statements, or if you want to suggest yourself as a speaker to deliver a statement:

Responses received can be viewed here:

Links to Google Docs for each potential joint statement can be found at the top of this responses spreadsheet. The number of volunteers responding for collaboration on each theme will serve as an indicator of the importance of that topic for delivery at the 1-2 June meeting.

It was suggested that drafting begins immediately by whoever volunteers to co-lead, and that a first draft of each statement should be done by the end of the day in New York on Friday, 29 May, and feedback provided by contributors over the weekend. The Google Docs are open to editing by anyone with the links, which are in the top portion of the responses spreadsheet.

2) Coordination meetings on Monday and Tuesday

DESA and UN-NGLS will facilitate stakeholder coordination meetings on Monday and Tuesday from 8:30-9:45am and 1:15-2:30pm. 

Stakeholders should come prepared to collaborate with each other on the finalization of the statements, and the selection of speakers to deliver them.

3) UN-NGLS has assembled a Google Spreadsheet of inputs on indicators already received from stakeholders, organized by Goal / Target / Indicator, and presented in the categories of:

  • General Comments
  • Amendments to the Statistical Commission's proposed indicators
  • New proposals for Indicators. 

This Google Doc is available for viewing here: 

(Note there are 18 Tabs along the top - 1 per SDG plus an 18th general comments Tab.) 

This compilation has been provided to the IAEG-SDGs and can be updated with new inputs. 

UN-NGLS is building a form for additional inputs and will distribute it soon.

Please find available resources on TAP Network activities and outputs on our official website at
Follow us on twitter @TAPNetwork2015: 
Please follow TAP Network Twitter account at @TAPNetwork2015. We will update this twitter feed regularly and we will use it to share relevant information or resources, and possibly even live-tweet from negotiation sessions, with statements on TAP issues from Member States.
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