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8 MAY 2015
Message from the TAP Coordinators: Gaining momentum at a critical time

Dear TAP Friends,

With another passing week, the pace and intensity of our work has begun to pick up, as we approach the next session of the Post-2015 negotiations on "follow-up and review" in a little over a week, and with FfD3 informal negotiations being held next week in New York. 

Reaching an important milestone in our collective advocacy, we've finalized the TAP Network position paper on "Accountability" this week. Thanks very much again to everyone who contributed to the paper! We are now accepting endorsements for the position paper, so please reach out to us at and if your organization would like to sign-on to this paper (more details in the newsletter below)! 

Next Friday, 15 May, we'll be hosting an event on "Multi-level follow-up and review of the Post-2015 agenda" with Beyond 2015 and the Permanent Missions of France, Peru and the Republic of Korea to the UN. For those that will be in New York next Friday and would like to attend this event, please fill out the registration form here.

This next session of the Post-2015 negotiations will be an important week for us, as the review and accountability of the Post-2015 agenda will take center-stage. Therefore, it will be very important for us to know who will be in New York for this week, so we can liaise with all of you regarding meetings and other relevant opportunities as they arise. P
lease fill in the google from here if you will be in New York for this session. 

On the FfD3 front, the co-facilitators have released a revised draft of the Addis Ababa Accord, along with a compilation document of Member States inputs, which you can find on the TAP Network website here. To help facilitate the TAP Network's response to Member States' requests for language suggestions for this new draft, we have launched a google doc for a Compendium of TAP Network edits, where TAP organizations can submit their suggested language changes, which we will then use in our advocacy here in New York in the coming weeks ahead. 

With a very important couple of weeks coming up, we appreciate all of your hard work and engagement on the TAP front, and we look forward to seeing many of you here in New York over the next few weeks as well! 

Best Regards,
TAP Coordinators
John & Liam
TAP Network Accountability Position Paper:

We very pleased to send to all of you, for your organization’s sign-on and endorsement, the TAP Network Accountability Position Paper, which you can find here. Thanks very much again to all of you who contributed to the drafting of this paper in whichever ways you contributed! This position paper will be the center-piece of TAP’s advocacy around the issue of accountability, particularly at the next Post-2015 IGN session from 18-22 May – and we will launch it publicly at our event on multi-level follow up and review, co-hosted with Beyond2015 and the Missions of Peru, Korea and France on 15 May. As discussed last week, we have also submitted this paper to UNDESA as an official input into the HLPF this year – and it is expected to be translated into the six official languages of the UN prior to the HLPF. Through your organization’s sign-on/endorsement, you can affirm your support for the TAP Network’s broader positions on accountability and review & monitoring of the Post-2015 agenda, as outlined through this position paper.
For those of you who would like to endorse this position paper through your organization, please simply reach out via email (to me at and Liam at with your logo attached so we can include it on the paper. 
Sign-on/endorsements will be accepted on an ongoing and rolling basis, however, to include your endorsement of the position paper in our initial outreach to Member States, please send us your endorsement by no later than 9 AM EST on Wednesday, 13 May – as we will aim to circulate the position paper to Member States prior to the Post-2015 IGN from 18-22 May. 
Just as we’ve done with all of our previous joint TAP Network outputs, we’re looking for a wide endorsement from TAP Network organizations (and other CSO partners as well) for this position paper, as it has really spoken very profoundly to show Member States the broad level of support for these positions amongst civil society – which has helped our advocacy tremendously in the past. Please also keep in mind that sign-on/endorsement is not necessarily limited to CSOs that are already part of the TAP Network, so your help in reaching out to other potentially interested organizations is very much appreciated - and you can forward this message, and our contact information, on to them as well.
Thanks again to all of you who have contributed to this paper, and we look forward to taking this very important advocacy work forward with all of you in the coming weeks and months ahead!

Interactive Dialogue on multi-level review and monitoring of the Post-2015 Agenda

Friday, May 15th, from 9:30 AM – 1 PM EST

As we mentioned last week on our call, the TAP Network and Beyond 2015, along with the Permanent Missions of France, Peru and Republic of Korea, are organizing an “Interactive Dialogue on multi-level review and monitoring of the Post-2015 Agenda” on Friday, May 15th, from 9:30 AM – 1 PM EST.

This event will bring together experts from governments, civil society and the UN system to discuss three critical levels for review and monitoring of the Post-2015 agenda: at the national, regional and global levels. Each interactive discussion will examine the architecture needed at these various levels, including the role of national governments, as well as areas where civil society and the UN System can contribute in filling gaps in data, monitoring and accountability, and fostering partnerships for the implementation of the SDGs. Experiences will be drawn from other multilateral review processes, and how these concepts can be applied to the Post-2015 review mechanism. 

Given the high demand for this event, only a limited number of seats for representatives of Beyond 2015 and the TAP Network will be available on a first-come first-served basis, combined with a consideration of their engagement with Beyond 2015 and TAP network. 

If you are interested in attending this event, please, register your availability using this google form: by no later than Tuesday, 12 May.

Just Launched: Compendium of Revised FfD3 zero draft language edits from TAP Network organizations:

In an effort to collect as many views from all of you as possible on concrete language suggestions for the Revised Zero Draft, we have put together the following google doc for TAP Network members to include your organization’s suggested edits – which you can find here:
You can download the Revised Draft and Compilation of Member State Comments to Zero Draft on our website at:
This document will serve as a compendium of suggested edits to the revised FfD Zero Draft from TAP Network Members. This way, when Member States ask us for concrete language suggestions regarding a particular topic that interests them, from the TAP FfD position paper or otherwise, we can refer them to a wide range of inputs from TAP members on these topics. 
We are accepting suggested language on a rolling basis but it is essential we receive your language as early as possible for our advocacy, as we will follow-up with Member States during the Post-2015 negotiations in the coming weeks ahead. 

TAP Network Organizations in New York for Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations (Follow-up and review) 18 - 22 May 2015:

The next session of the Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations on “follow-up and review” from 18-22 May is quickly approaching. As we have previously highlighted, this will be a very important session for us to collectively follow and a big opportunity for advocacy around our position paper on “Accountability."

As I mentioned previously, it will be very important for us to know who will be in New York for the IGN next week, and who might be interested or available to represent TAP at various speaking opportunities throughout the week. Therefore, again, it would be very much appreciated if you could please fill in the following google doc if you will be in New York for this session:

Please note that if you are interested in speaking for the TAP Network in one of the speaking opportunities throughout the week, please submit your name by no later than Tuesday, 12 May. We will then take these speaker nominations to the TAP Network Steering Committee to decide on who would best fit in each of these opportunities. 

Proposed Programme of Work for May IGN session on follow-up and review (18-22 May:

The post-2015 co-facilitators transmitted the proposed programme of work for the May intergovernmental negotiating session on follow-up and review (18-22 May) and a revised targets document. The letter has been posted at:

Updated Post-2015 UN Summit Themes of the Six Interactive Dialogues:

A letter from the co-facilitators containing a revised proposal for the themes of the six interactive dialogues to be held during the post-2015 Summit (25-27 September) has been posted at:
Additional Consultations:

In support of continued progress on the Outcome Document, additional sessions for consultations on the Draft Outcome Document have been scheduled.
  • 12-15 May 2015
  • 26-29 May 2015
  • 1-5 June 2015
You can download the Revised Draft and Compilation of Member State Comments to Zero Draft on our website at:
Please find available resources on TAP Network activities and outputs on our official website at
Follow us on twitter @TAPNetwork2015: 
Please follow TAP Network Twitter account at @TAPNetwork2015. We will update this twitter feed regularly and we will use it to share relevant information or resources, and possibly even live-tweet from negotiation sessions, with statements on TAP issues from Member States.
Download the TAP Network Calender of Post-2015 Events
Upcoming United Nations Meetings/Events:
May 2015:
11-15 May: Informal Consultations draft of the outcome document of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (tentative)
18-22 May: Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations (Follow-up and review)
26-27: Informal Hearing with NGOs, Civil Society, Major Groups and the Private Sector on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
26-29 May:  Informal Consultations draft of the outcome document of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (tentative)
28 May: ECOSOC Forum on Partnership

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