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10 APRIL 2015
Message from the TAP Coordinators: Financing and Means of Implementation

Dear TAP Friends,

Two consecutive weeks of negotiations are upon us in New York, with the second drafting session on the Financing for Development outcome document next week, and the Post-2015 negotiations on Means of Implementation the following week.

Right on cue, and just in time for these negotiations, we've finalized the TAP Network position paper on Financing for Development, with endorsements from 27 individual TAP Network organizations and constituencies. A bit word of thanks again for the diligent work of colleagues who have contributed to the drafting of this FfD position paper, and to all those organizations that have endorsed the paper. We will now focus on our advocacy with this FfD position paper, and we hope that you will find it useful for your own advocacy as well. 

In addition, work is progressing on the TAP Network SDG Indicators position paper, and the drafting of the Accountability/Review & Monitoring position paper. As always, we appreciate the contributions of TAP members to producing these outputs, and we look forward to finalizing these position papers with all of you in the coming weeks ahead. 

As a reminder, nominations for the TAP Network Steering Committee are still open. The deadline to put forward your organization to be part of the TAP Network Steering Committee is the 15 April. Nominate your organization here.

For those of you who will be in New York for the FfD negotiations next week, or the Post-2015 negotiations the following week, we will look to set up meetings with delegations around the negotiations these next couple of weeks - and we hope to bring a delegation of TAP Network members to each of these meetings. Please do let us know if you have arranged for meetings with delegations as well, and we look forward to coordinating our advocacy with you all going forward. 

Best Regards,
TAP Coordinators
John & Liam
Nominations for the TAP Network Steering Committee are still open:  
Any organization that is on the TAP Network mailing list/google group as of the announcement of the TAP Steering Committee Nomination process (1 April, 2015) is eligible to self-nominate their organization and vote in election for the TAP Steering Committee. You can find a list of organizations that are eligible for self-nomination and voting, according to those guidelines, on our publicly available google doc of TAP Network members here: 

To nominate your organization for the TAP Network Steering Committee, please fill out the google form here: 

The nomination form outlines a few key objectives and expectations of the Steering Committee, so please read through the form thoroughly when applying. The two main objectives of this TAP Network Steering Committee are to, inter alia:
  • provide overall guidance, particularly helping guide advocacy priorities on policy and strategic issues;
  • represent the TAP Network and take decisions on various action items that require quick turnaround or responses, or other situations, as needed
Timeline for nomination and voting for the steering committee – 
  • Nominations will be accepted from Wednesday, 1 April – Wednesday, 15 April
  • Voting will take place from Thursday 16 April – Wednesday, 29 April
TAP Network FfD Position Paper Finalized: 
Many thanks to the TAP Network colleagues who contributed to the drafting of this FfD position paper over the past several weeks. We have 27 organizations that have endorsed this position paper, and we look forward to utilizing it in the upcoming Second Drafting Session on Outcome Document of Third Conference on FfD and the Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations (Means of implementation and global partnership for sustainable development).

TAP’s top-line Recommendations:
  1. Full transparency of revenues , allocation, spending, contracting and results data and statistics, at all levels.
  2. Ensure inclusive and meaningful public participation at all stages of financing and governance processes. 
  3. Promote a common standard for reporting sustainable development resource flows at all levels, and establish a global and national tracking system to report spending and results achieved towards each of the SDGs.
  4. Ensure effective and accountable institutions and enhance delivery of public goods and services through progressive tax measures and commitments to end illicit financial flows. 
  5. Substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all its forms and support accountable institutions at all levels.
  6. Invest in equipping citizens, legislators, public servants, entrepreneurs, and civil society to understand and use financial and development data effectively. 
TAP Drafting Group on SDG (Goal 16) Indicators Conference Call 7 April:

Some key next steps and follow-up items from the call, regarding the position paper:

Timeline for SDG Indicator position paper:
  • 13 April – last day for inputs and comments from TAP Network members 
  • 17 April – TAP Coordinators will finalize position paper based on your inputs and comments
  • 20 April to 1 May – TAP Coordinators to send out position paper for endorsements.
For the meeting minutes click here

TAP Drafting Group on Accountability/Review & Monitoring Conference Call 8 April:

Some key next steps and follow-up items from the call, regarding the position paper:

Structure of the Accountability/Review & Monitoring position paper:
  • Introduction - enabling environment and lessons learned from lack of accountability of MDGs (e.g. linking investment/spending and results)
  • Transparency
  • Participation
  • Accountability
  • Recommendations (concrete ideas or baselines for what the processes/mechanisms would look like, if possible to get agreement.)
Timeline: (Aiming to release the paper by Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations (Follow-up and review) to be held 18-22 May) 
  • 13 to 17 April – first initial draft of position paper sections completed
  • 20 to 29 April – second initial draft of position paper with comments and inputs from TAP Network
  • 1 May -  final draft of position paper
If members wish they can contribute to the drafting of the position paper utilizing this google doc here:

At the moment we have Ms. Kate Donald, Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR), Ms. Claire Schouten, International Budget Partnership and Mr. Ryan Laddey, WFUNA who have volunteered to take the lead in drafting sections of the position paper. 

However, we still need two co-leads to assist in drafting this position paper. If there are members who wish to take on a leading role in drafting the position please send an email to John ( or Liam (

For the meeting minutes click here
Upcoming negotiations on FfD and Means of Implementation:

Second Drafting Session of the Financing for Development Outcome Document: 13-17 April

This drafting session of the FfD outcome document will center around the recently released Zero Draft of the "Addis Ababa Accord," and will be the first time Member states have discussed this draft document.

Draft Programme of work

Post-2015 Negotiations on Means of Implementation and Global Partnership for Sustainable Development: 21-24 April

This Post-2015 negotiation session will be a joint session of the Post-2015 and FfD negotiations, where both sets of co-facilitators and Member States will look to ensure coherence of both tracks together. A final programme of work will likely be distributed next week. 

Proposed programme of work
Apply to speak at the 26-27 May 2015 United Nations General Assembly interactive hearings for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

As part of the process to define the post-2015 development agenda, the UN President of the General Assembly will organize two full days of hearings for stakeholders to participate in informal interactive dialogue with Member States on 26-27 May at UN Headquarters in New York. 

By request of the Office of the President of the General Assembly, UN-NGLS will facilitate a stakeholder Steering Committee for the hearings, which will select the speakers from applications received through an open and transparent process. 
UN-NGLS invites stakeholders to apply to speak at these hearings here: 
Deadline: Monday, 27 April   

Applications received will post online immediately here:

For more information about the post-2015 development agenda, please visit: 
Follow us on twitter @TAPNetwork2015: 
Please follow TAP Network Twitter account at @TAPNetwork2015. We will update this twitter feed regularly and we will use it to share relevant information or resources, and possibly even live-tweet from negotiation sessions, with statements on TAP issues from Member States.
Download the TAP Network Calender of Post-2015 Events
Upcoming United Nations Meetings/Events:
April 2015:

13-17 April: Second Drafting Session on Outcome Document of Third Conference on FfD
20-24 April: Post-2015 intergovernmental negotiations (Means of implementation and global partnership for sustainable development)

May 2015: