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Telstra have announced to the Security Industry that they are ceasing Securiplan benefits on 23 February 2020.

If you currently have any 1345 services under a Telstra Securiplan agreement, which is terminating on 23 February, it is not too late to switch service providers for these services to Suretek!

We have the SureCall One3 services available during 2020 and can offer ongoing benefits to industry participants.
Suretek has been the market leader in Security Industry rebate programs for over two decades.

We will ensure that you are supported with the financial benefits of the Suretek plans.  If you are not currently a Suretek Customer, let us know as we have a New Customer on boarding program.  


Don't miss out!
Move your 1345 services to Suretek now.

CALL: 1300 65 44 33 or EMAIL:

Why SureCall One3 ?

A different approach to rebates....

Better or equal - when it comes to rebates.

When you look closely at the total value proposition with SureCall One3, you soon realise why no one else comes close to the real value of SureCall One3. The dollar value adds up, the technology adds up, the redundancy adds up, but you don't often get to realise that until you speak to one of us.
With SureCall One3 you get a rebate for every call - not some or most of them.

Have you heard the saying "Qualified Calls?" A higher rebate with "Qualified Calls" means a lot less in your pocket than you think.  We don't qualify calls like some companies do; utilising the fine print as a means to remove dollars from your pocket.  We pay your for every call.  With SureCall One3 they all qualify; and when you calculate it all up you just don't get a better deal anywhere else.
  Redundancy that no one else can offer.  

Our patented redundancy solution, Intelipath, goes way beyond the standard functions on IN Platforms (Intelligent Networks) that are used by most carriers.  Intelipath goes way beyond the capabilities of Monitoring Centre PSTN backups using Mobile Data Networks.  Cut PSTN lines, failed receivers or receiver congestion, no worries with Intelipath.  Once you understand Intelipath Redundancy you will quickly move to SureCall One3.
The SureCall One3 $1,000.00 Communications Guarantee

Guaranteed Communications, putting our money where our mouth is.  No one else is game to offer such a guarantee. Once you cover all bases and mitigate the risk of communications failure, it does get rather easy to make such an offer.  Guaranteed Monitoring Centre communications and data delivery is what Suretek are all about.
Your 1345 Number

It's your 1345 number, not your provider's or some other third party's. Suretek is a registered "Carriage Service Provider" and a member of the "TIO." As such, we abide by the rules and regulations of the Telecommunications Industry.  SureCall One3 gives your the added protection that only a registered carriage service providers can give you.  You are the licensee of your 1345 service, and no one else.
Portability Plus

No matter who you have your 1345 number with, all services are designed to have portability.  With SureCall One3, however, you get it the instant your require it.  Need a quick answer point change either permanent or temporary 24/7 and you have it. Not hours or days later.  If you don't have your 1345 service in your name then most likely you have no portability at all.
SureCall One3 is Portability Plus!

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