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New Mx6 Product Updates

Suretek has Mx6 Single / Dual Lens models in stock!
With the recent release of the single lens Mx6 cameras, the entire Mx6 line up is now complete - M16, D16, S16, M26, D26, Q26, S26. All of these new models can be ordered at wholesale pricing from Suretek.

Mx6 Firmware Update (v5.0.0.127)
The first Mx6 firmware update has been published with important bug fixes.

The firmware release V5.0.0.127 fixes the following known issues:

- Recording on SMB/CIFS file server
When using an SMB/CIFS file server as primary recording target (with MX folder/file structure) or as MxFFS archive, the camera sometimes could not connect to the file server.

- Several RTP H.264 streams
When requesting more than one RTP H.264 stream, the additional streams sometimes displayed image errors.

- RTP server and storage on file server as primary target
When recording on a file server as primary storage target (MX folder/file structure) and activating the RTP server, a camera reboot sometimes deleted the recorded video data.

About Mx6
According to MOBOTIX the dual-core hardware platform allows the Mx6 camera to deliver a substantial increase in frame rates, up to 40fps @ HD and 12fps @ 6MP.  The H.264 codec is now included with the new option for multicast streaming, in addition to MxPEG.

The Mx6 hardware includes basic ONVIF compliance firmware for integration with other ONVIF surveillance systems.

Important Mx6 Notes:
  • MxBus is not available in Mx6 cameras (MxBus available with 25/15 series cameras).
  • Indoor cameras are not available with the Mx6 platform.
  • the ONVIF profile included in the Mx6 devices is limited to Profile S which allows for video and audio streaming (live viewing) integration within third party VMS. However recording and playback management (i.e. Profile G) is not included in this first release.
  • the H.264 codec has a maximum resolution of 1080p, (MxPEG up to 6MP).
  • the Mx6 range is fully compatible with the RemoteGUARD video monitoring platform.
  • Support of existing configurations:
    You can load existing camera configuration files of the previous generation camera models. This is important when exchanging a camera or when integrating new Mx6 cameras into existing systems.
If you would like detailed information about the Mx6 hardware, please refer to our comprehensive Mx6 Product Guide
If you have questions about these new devices or would like to place an order, please contact Mark Timmins on 1300 65 44 33, or email us.
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of sheer sales volume. They have worked extremely hard to help MOBOTIX
Australia achieve its overall outstanding results throughout 2016, so we are
delighted to acknowledge them for this tremendous effort.”

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